Couples Retreat (2009)

Director : Peter Billingsley
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Jason Bateman as Jason Smith, Kristen Bell as Cynthia, Faizon Love as Shane, Vince Vaughn as Dave, Jon Favreau as Joey, Malin Akerman as Ronnie, Kristin Davis as Lucy, Kali Hawk as Trudy, Tasha Smith as Jennifer, Carlos Ponce as Salvadore, Peter Serafinowicz as Sctanley, Jean Reno as Marcel, Temuera Morrison as Briggs, Jonna Walsh as Lacey, Gattlin Griffith as Robert, Colin Baiocchi as Kevin, Vernon Vaughn as Grandpa Jim Jim, Jersey Jim as Magician, Paul Boese as Motorcycle Salesman, Daniel Cage Theodore as Tile Store Salesman #1 (as Daniel Theodore), Phillip Jordan as Tile Store Salesman #2, John Michael Higgins as Therapist #1, Ken Jeong as Therapist #2, Charlotte Cornwell as Therapist #3, Amy Hill as Therapist #4, Karen Shenaz David as Spa Attendant (as Karen David), Alyssa Julya Smith as San Diego Dance Academy (as Alyssa Smith), Alexis Knapp as San Diego Dance Academy, Joy Bisco as Maitre d`, Janna Fassaert as Masseuse, Xavier Tournaud as Masseur, Dana Fox as Waitress, Justin Deeley as Trainer #1, Scott Burn as Trainer #2, Micah Mason as Waiter, Christophe Santoro as Bellman #1, Yann Marequa as Bellman #2, Sacha Perreault as Bellman #3, Zofia Moreno as Greeter, Brendan Wayne as Drunk Guy #2, David Merheb as Guitar Hero Bellman, Billy Loa as Cook #1, Chu Vang as Cook #2, Jeremy Olson as Eden East Buff Guy, Bronx Style Bob as Eden East DJ, J-ray as Eden East Girl #1 (as J-Ray Hochfield), Hanna Brophy as Eden East Girl #2, Lyndsay Magellan as Eden East Girl #3, Marketa Janska as Eden East Girl #4, Chantelle Barry as Eden East Shot Girl, James Ferris as White Swallow #1, Jordann Kimley as White Swallow #2, Jon Fleming as White Swallow DJ, Aneliese Rutger as Smoking Hot Bikini Girl (as Aneliese Roettger), Ama`ri as Party Kid, Natalina Maggio as Bikini Girl, Nelson Carvajal as Airport Traveler (scenes deleted), Jonathan C. Barnes as Eden East Dancer, Michael Patrick Breen as Bar Patron, Kalen Brest as Bikini Girl, Debbi Burns as O`Hare Airport Traveler, Josh Cowdery as Motorcycle Shopper, Robert Esser as Eden East Guy, Nick Ferrin as Tourist, Darren Elliot Fulsher as Patron, Nick Grosvenor as Young Guy, Ritchie Hoffman as East Eden Dancer, Kristine Kay Kelly as Eden West Hostess, Dan Latham as O`Hare Airport Traveler #1, Latasha Lewis as Gym Patron, Ashlyn Miyasaki as Eden East Bikini Girl, Steven Hugh Nelson as Hotel Guest, James Pusztay as Airport Driver, Katie Stegeman as Dancing Girl, Robert Paul Taylor as White Swallow Surfer, Chris D. Thomas as O`Hare Airport Traveler, Mike Ullrich as Skycap
Plot : A comedy centered with connections to four couples who calm into a tropical-island resort because a vacation. While one amongst the couples is there to execute on the marriage, the others dissatisfy to fathom that involvement inside the resort’s analysis sessions is not optional.
Run Time : 113 min
Country : USA
Company : Universal Pictures

Couples Retreat (2009)
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