Community College (2009)

Director : Tommy Avallone
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Jordan McSorley as Chino, Jon Dean as Jonny 300, Tim Dean as Rod Dean, Tommy Avallone as Herby, Brian Hagan as Wilcox, Mike Hadfield as Smutty, Rich Cronin as Egg Dude, Doug Ray as Egg Dude`s Friend, Scott Schwartz as Bar Owner, Geno Bisconte as Octopus, Robert Boileau as Librarian, Matt Kawczynski as Drops Instrument Dude, Jimmy Graham III as Herby`s Dad, Chad Crenny as Ray, Albert DiGiacomo as Frances the Head In The Box, Erica Mabry as Joyce, Ryan Petrillo as Eddy England, Tommy Conwell as Student Advisor, Thomas Kitajima as Deaf Class Teacher, Amelia Neuberger as Vicky, Nora Merlino as Lorraine, Kathryn Butler as Jena, David Eitel as Flea Market Dude, Chris McDevitt as Bruce, Rev. Bob Levy as Creepy Bar Fly, Tom Giordano as Peter, Jenelle McCalley as Dana, Mario DiCiacomo as Super Fan #1, Tara Wolfe as Super Fan #2, Ron Findlay as Delivery Guy, Alex Feliciano as Tattoo Dude, Lindsey Kruichak as Bar Extra, Eric Westenberger as Bowling Extra, Alex Wildman as Bowling Buddy #1, Erik Raj as Bowling Buddy #2, Bryan W. Strang as Fire Victim, Ketih Chambers as English Teacher, Jeff Krapf as Bar Extra, Mike Pallante as Stupid Student #1, John Branch as Stupid Student #2, Josh LaPergola as Studid Student #3, Peter Medina as Stupid Student #4, Justin Waller as Black Metal 666, Zack Grear as Library Extra, Noel Dean as Deaf Student #1, Andrew Gold as Deaf Student #2, Paul Field as Deaf Student #3, Louis Centanni as Deaf Student #5, Constantine Polites as Deaf Class Student #4, Kyle Lee as Bar Extra, Michelle Botsford as Lonely Ass Bar Extra, Danielle Basciano as Annoying Party Girl, Alex Haines as Little Kid, Ryan McCarty as Party Extra, Matt O`Donnell as Party Extra, Kevin Clark as Party Extra, Brent Missimer as Party Extra, Tiffany Candy as Some Party Slut #1, Heidi Bryan as Some Party Slut #2, David Malloy as Dork Party Extra, Colin Smoiley as Party Extra, Michael Licisyn as Jean Shorts – guy at Party, Bruce Rymshaw as Everything Extra, Leslie Sipala as Bar Extra, Dante Ross as Excited Streamer Dude #1, Keith Kelly as Excited Streamer Dude #2, Matthew Walsh as Bar Extra, Zachary Egan as English Extra Student #1, Robert Wilcox as Live Studio Audience Member / English Extra Student #2, Ronald Ford as Loud Live Studio Audience Member, Antonio Ford as Live Studio Audience Member #3, Mary Fency as Live Studio Audience Member #4, Joel Gallardo as Live Studio Audience Member #5, Joshua Dushkewish as Live Studio Audience Member #6, Craig Graham as English Student #3, Jonathan Guito as Live Studio Audience Member, Sean Hagan as English Extra Student #5, Elaine Holder as Math Class Extra #1, Andrew Sculloh as Math Class Extra #2 Michael Bower (as Michael Ray Bower), Michael Cerio as The Voice of College Radio, Amanda DiRienzo as Party Extra, Shannon Don as Party Extra, Spike Eskin as Joyce`s Teacher, Pat Glezman as Party Extra, Brian Heffron (as Blue Meanie), Mikey Hynes as Party Extra, Jessica Jakubiszen as Party Extra, William Kirk as Party Extra, Sean Lightcap as Party Extra, Jacee Mangold as Puking Party Extra, Carmen Marino as Party Extra, Andrew Nielsen (as M.C. Lars), Walt Ribeiro as Party Extra, Kelly Roberts as I`m Gonna Suck Your Dick Broad, Dante M. Ross as Dude who loves Streamers, Ashley Semola as Party Extra
Run Time : 80 min
Filming Locations : Barrington Pub – 241 White Horse Pike, Barrington, New Jersey, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
Community College is a attachment tale between four dudes as anyhow as their knack to search out gratis drinks. However,…
Community College is a affection yarn between four dudes with their capability to get adapt of unengaged drinks. However, that privilege is threatened while their darling tavern is on the verge of concluding as good! After motivating a modify the owner the guys expound they must comprehensive college with pile up adequate graduation cash inside apply to pay off the owner`s debt. Chino, Rod, Herby, with Jonny300 come out on an enlightening sail of a era with it`s attending to receive more a improved than normal knocking score to get adapt of one another out of this jam.

Community College (2009)
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