Chameleon Code (2011)

Director : Charles Propst
Genre : Comedy, Drama
Cast : Sanna Cahn as Kat, Jared Doreck as Mickey, Caleb George as Jeremy Dennet, Andrew Love as Steve, Ryan Sawyer as Matt, Mario Velez as Patrick
Run Time : 98 min
Country : USA
Language : English
Chameleon Code is a comedy plus dramatic elements, spinning close to a class of pop culture-ridden college students in addition to their judgment to rob a bank…
Chameleon Code is a comedy along furthermore dramatic elements, spiraling with observation to a listing of pop culture-ridden college students plus their pronouncement to rob a bank. The ragtag group, everything experts inside personal computer programing plus hacking, pick up an article of software that allows one another to troth totally undetected to the bank`s sanctuary wont (or thence they think). The fundamental arrangement centers on the preparing stages of the outbreak robbery, plus the drama that ensues whilst a affection triangle is found out between three of the elementary characters.

Chameleon Code (2011)
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