Cake (2005/I)

Director : Nisha Ganatra
Genre : Comedy, Romance
Cast : Heather Graham as Pippa McGee, David Sutcliffe as Ian, Taye Diggs as Hemingway Jones, Sandra Oh as Lulu, Keram Malicki-Sánchez as Frank, Cheryl Hines as Roxanne, Bruce Gray as Malcolm McGee, Sarah Chalke as Jane, Sabrina Grdevich as Rachel, Michael McMurtry as Luke, Amy Price-Francis as Sasha, Reagan Pasternak as Sydney, Jefferson Brown as Clifford, Suzanne Cyr as Suzanne, Frank Chiesurin as Chad, Dominic Cuzzocrea as Antique Dealer, Billy Khoury as Diego, Carlo Rota as Bob Jackman, Kasia Vassos as Lane, Martin Roach as Bartender, Ron White as Jane`s Father, Jonathan Keltz as Valet, Jerry Schaefer as Waiter, Doug Murray as Walter, Diane Flacks as Announcer, Olivia Palenstein as Olivia, Leah McLaren as Leah, Rebecca Eckler as Rebecca, Adam Chuckryk as Beefy Jock, Ken Murton as Lee, Jonathan Jeyarajah as Drag Queen, Victor Formosa as Bartender, John Higgins as Billy, Roger Kass as High Roller, Kate Kelton as Tralee
Plot : A journey person who wrote it (Graham) who begrudgingly assumes influence of her father’s bridal ceremony publication finds the brand new know-how may possibly simply amend her defy love.
Run Time : 94 min | Israel:95 min
Country : Canada | USA
Company : Cake Productions Inc.

Cake (2005/I)
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