Buskers Bounty (2009)

Director : Philip Van Scotter
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Bradley McCollough as the Bounty Hunter, Abbey Pleviak as Apple, Philip Van Scotter as the Busker
Run Time : USA:61 min
Filming Locations : Boulder, Colorado, USA
Country : USA
Language :
`Buskers Bounty` is the tale of Apple as at any rate as her doggy Chico. After escaping her humiliating boyfriend our heroine…
`Buskers Bounty` is the narrative of Apple furthermore her doggy Chico. After escaping her insolent boyfriend our heroine furthermore her canine comrade got wakeful to the trace hunting for different life. Armed plus sole a flute, Apple plays her lane into another town furthermore befriends a wont busker furthermore a baroness. The latterly widowed Baroness invites Apple furthermore Chico to stay plus her at her eye-catching estate. When Apple wages to town she behave into the Busker who is cross-dressed inside an effort to class supplementary money. She explains that she is hunting for `solid work` furthermore drags the Busker to a diner plus a lend a (helping) hand to hunted sign. After individual thrown out by the maniacal diner boss, Apple furthermore the Busker correct ensemble inside an alley furthermore Apple secures the business cross-dressed because to a little degree man. Meanwhile the ex-boyfriend hires a reward pack rat to rate furthermore destroy Apple furthermore Chico; the dastardly son of a bitch rides into town on his motorcycle. While a musical jam ensues within the diner plus Apple on flute, the Busker on guitar, furthermore the Diner Boss on mandolin, the Bounty Hunter recognizes Chico derive pleasure a picture furthermore kidnaps the vagrant minute fella. Apple is smashed as she discovers that her doggy is missing. She searches desperately since him furthermore stumbles upon the villain`s hideout – a passionate follow ensues.

Buskers Bounty (2009)
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