Building Bombs (2000)

Director : Frank Hudec
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Romance
Cast : Camillia Sanes Monet as Isobel (as Camillia Sanes), Bo Foxworth as Ted Graves, David Fuhrer as Mike Chambers, Stuart Dillon as Arnold, Ashlee Temple as Janice, Chelsea Altman as Melissa, Dominic Hamilton-Little as Dr. Devorsey, Lisa Harris as Diane, Doug Katz as Officer Katz, Jefferson Arca as Officer Arca, Zoe Jacobson-Halaczinsky as Baby, Harold Yen as EPA Man #1, Shahen Guiragossian as EPA Man #2, Frank Hudec as Tummy The Sock, Lise Raven as Tummy The Sock
Run Time : 100 min
Country : USA
Language : English
A Mike Leigh technique – murky romantic comedy. A working-class dame furthermore her trust-fund boyfriend switch into…
A Mike Leigh manner – badly lit romantic comedy. A working-class babe with her trust-fund boyfriend switched over into a downtown New York tenement cell to attempt to type a being alive together. Their volatile relationship is likewise complicated while they realize their unfulfilled downstairs neighbor is establishing an A-bomb inside his apartment.

Building Bombs (2000)
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