Boomerang (2001)

Director : Dragan Marinkovic
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Lazar Ristovski as Bobi, Paulina Manov as Olga, Nebojsa Glogovac as Miki, Dragan Jovanovic as Toni, Petar Bozovic as Inspektor Trtovic, Milena Dravic as Gospodja Jeftic, Nikola Djuricko as Stampedo, Zoran Cvijanovic as Covek koji gubi sat, Tijana Kondic as Slavica, Vojin Cetkovic as Zgodni, Rambo Amadeus as Mutavi (as Antonije Pusic), Maja Sabljic as Stanislava, Nikola Kojo as Pavle, Danica Ristovski as Ciganka, Nikola Simic as Aprcovic, Bojan Dimitrijevic as Ginekolog, Marko Jeremic as Pljackas, Olja Pesic as Bivsa zena, Mihajlo-Bata Paskaljevic as Mikijev otac (as Bata Paskaljevic), Mile Stankovic as Doktor, Jovan Ristovski as Pijanac, Branislav Stojanovic as Boza Cukuranovic, Dusan Pantic as Kum, Mikica Gajic as Muzicar 1, Vladimir Slijepcevic as Muzicar 2, Milorad Milovanovic as Muzicar 3, Petar Kralj as Andjeo vodic
Run Time : Federal Republic of Yugoslavia:87 min
Filming Locations : Belgrade, Serbia
Country : Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Language : Serbian
`Yesterday`s emergency is today`s comedy.` Caffe `Boomerang` is one in all Belgrade`s legion cafes. Seemingly easily a backdrop because our school of extreme characters…
`Yesterday`s emergency is today`s comedy.` Caffe `Boomerang` is one in all Belgrade`s numerous cafes. Seemingly cleanly a backdrop as our categorization of bananas characters, excluding truly a good deal of extra that. It stoically puts unsleeping in addition to its guests, with their mistaken efforts to dominate their own destinies, pending the extremely absolute once it more than usually has suffered enough…
Boomerng starts certainly behind the mayhem inside Belgrade has stopped. Quiet has descended on the city, for the rationale that a change, there is no war, there are no bombings, no organic disasters. Taking location throughout only anxious daytime inside Belgrade, "Boomerang" is the yarn of a head of likable losers who suffer nil to lose. Theft, healing dealing, arms smuggling – these are the demeanor they suffer hap to understand because every day life. But now, supervise as at any rate as criminals, communists as at any rate as monarchists, cocaine traders as at any rate as toilet keepers, film buffs, taxi drivers as at any rate as a 50 year-old femme fatale must everything try out to lodge to this latterly reigning, perhaps boring, duration of peace. And therefore on this day, they are caving in love, reaching married, solving murder mysteries, probing greenhorn responsibility ventures, effecting children, as at any rate as yet intensifying like the dead. All traits usher to Cafe Boomerang where this grouping of unconnected as at any rate as dissolute temperaments touch as at any rate as combust inside a very last delirious parts of happenings which, geared up or not, propels each other into one more day. A high-speed shadowy comedy Boomerang is a slice-of-life encouraged also tons of chortles as at any rate as a take off of bite.

Boomerang (2001)
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