Blå mænd (2008)

Director : Rasmus Heide
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Thure Lindhardt as Jesper Jensen, Sidse Babett Knudsen as Lotte, Mick Øgendahl as Dion, Troels Lyby as Theodor, Helle Fagralid as Sofie, Per Rosenberg as Karsten, Maibritt Saerens as Kasandra, Claes Bang as Lars, Søren Malling as Varberg, Beate Bille as Dorte, Jens Jørn Spottag as Steiner, Anne-Grethe Bjarup Riis as Elin, Martin Brygmann as Kørerlære, Dick Kaysø as Dions far, Mira Wanting as Dions kone, Thomas Voss as Jespers kollega #1, Mads Wille as Jespers Kollega #2, Mia Lyhne as Karen – AF dame, Ditte Hansen as Hanne, Marie Caroline Schjeldal as Fiona, Troels Malling Thaarup as Sofies Ven, Kristian Ibler as Smart fyr i jakkesæt (as Kristian Tomislav Ibler), Bo Thomas as Tysker #1, Adam Brix as Tysker #2, Hussam Al-Mashadani as Indvandrer #1, Bülent Uzun as Indvandrer #2, Eva Kåås as Gammel Dame (as Eva Kaas), Benjamin Lorentzen as Tjener, Kim Kold as Rocker, Betina Daugaard Petersen as Fitness-Pige #1, Louise Gry Boldreel as Fitness-Pige #2, Noah Lazarus as Soldat, Allan Grøndahl as Ambulanceredder, Claire Ross-Brown as Tine, Per Scheel Krüger as Chef (as Per Scheel-Krüger), Simon Sigurd as Mand i Fitness-Center, Erik Heyer as Tysker #1, Marc Wolfgram as Tysker #2, Rolf Rasmussen as
Run Time : Denmark:80 min
Filming Locations : Copenhagen, Denmark
Country : Denmark
Language : Danish
Jesper Jensen is a unbeaten IT salesman who halts at nothing, albeit it policy backstabbing his paramount friend…
Jesper Jensen is a glorious IT salesman who halts at nothing, notwithstanding it path backstabbing his greatest friend. Being favorite inside the bureau also motivating a gorgeous mate also a eye-catching home, Jesper gives the look to usher a wonderful life, however one and only sunlight hours his arrogance also them conviction knocks him inside the facial features reminiscent of a boomerang also he loses the total lot overnight. Jesper is sentenced to do area provision at a recycling cardinal plus the strange also risible modus vivendis Dion, Theodor, also Lotte. At originally he gives the look slurp on these citizenry also doesn`t yearn to engagement correlated plus them. When he begins to loosen up, however, he discovers that he could see plenty enjoys their without delay jack up also straightforward surfacing to life.

Blå mænd (2008)
1 100% 5