Bite Marks (2011)

Director : Mark Bessenger
Genre : Comedy, Horror
Cast : Windham Beacham as Cary, Stephen Geoffreys as Walsh, John Werskey as The Mechanic, Benjamin Lutz as Brewster, Lou Cass as Doomed Trucker, Jon Gale as Caplan, David Alanson as Vogel, Miranda Downey as Amber Lynn, Stacey T. Gillespie as Vampire #4, Krystal Main as Vampire Girl, Justin Fill as Vampire #3, Jason James as Vampire #2, Craig Fuchs as Vampire #1, Phillip Henry Christopher as McDougall
Plot : Truck-driver Brewster eliminates more than his off track brother’s delivery of a ton of coffins to a funeral home…
Run Time : (min.) 90
Country : USA
Company : Blakk Flamingo Pictures