Big Money Rustlas (2010)

Director : Paul Andresen
Genre : Comedy, Western
Cast : Violent J as Big Baby Chips, Shaggy 2 Dope as Sheriff Sugar Wolf, 2 Tuff Tony as The Foot, Boondox as The Ghost, Blaze Ya Dead Homie as The Mortician (as Blaze), Mark Jury as Dirty Sanchez, Jason Mewes as Bucky, Ron Jeremy as Grizzly Wolf, Bridget Powers as Tink (as Bridget Powerz), Jody Sadler as Tank, Jamie Madrox as Raw Stank, Monoxide as Dusty Poot, Jump Steady as Hack Benjamin (as Jumpsteady), Brian David as Sweet Wolf, Cindie Haynie as Mama Wolf, Corporal Robinson as The Store Owner, Clay, Otis as Cowboy #2 (as Otis from Axe Murder Boys), Mike E. Clark as The Bartender, Erwin Shepansky as Sheriff Fred Freckles, Billy Bill as Himself, Scott Hall as Mexican Sign Dude, Jimmy Hart as Big Winner, Brigitte Nielsen as The Wife, Anybody Killa as Indian Chief (as ABK), Michelle Rapp as Lovely Lady Singer, Dustin Diamond as Man in Outhouse, Robby Graham as Scruffy Scrub #1, Kevin Gill as Scruffy Scrub #2, Todd Bridges as Scruffy Scrub #3, Awesome Dre as Scruffy Scrub #4, Daddy Long Legs as Cowboy John #1 (as Daddy Long Legs of Wolfapc), Nick Stellate as Cowboy Guard, Tom Sizemore as Himself, Terry Brunk as Sabu, Eli Jane as Hot Wife, Taxman as Heckler #1 (as Taxman of The Kottonmouth Kings), Brad Xavier as Heckler #2 (as Brad Daddy X of The Kottonmouth Kings), Vanilla Ice as Heckler #3, John E. Nerco as Heckler #4, Scott D`Amore as First Bank Robber, Tony Liggins as Second Bank Robber, Jeff Heapy as Douglas, Paul Andresen as Thompson (as Pablo 2000), Dash Riprock as Mario, Bonez Dubb as Cowboy #1 (as Bonez Dubb from Axe Murder Boys), Michael Fortunato as Cowboy #3, Ryan Archibald as Cowboy #4, Joe Doering as Cowboy Wearing Board, Joshua Salvati as Young Sugar Wolf, Buddah From Wolfpac as Cowboy with Board (as Buddah from Wolfpac), Allura Lee as Bathhouse Hottie #1, Dianne Kwon as Bathhouse Hottie #3, Chris Spradley as Farm Man, Rick Mora as Native American #1, William Joseph Elk III as Native American #2, Stefan Kudek as Sheriff Harry Wolf, Barbara Kenngott as Saloon Girl, Melissa Gratia as Saloon Girl, Anna Wrona as Lovely Lady Dancer, David Yow as Piano Player, J. Scott as Runover Cowboy, Annie Pannie as Street Walker, Courtney Kelly as Mother, Nathaniel Kraft as Boy with Apple, Chloe Kraf as Town Girl, Jacqueline Andresen as Farmer`s Daughter #1, Lulu Nastassja Wolter as Farmer`s Daughter #2, Mary Culver as Village Woman, Jeff Wilmor as Village Man (as Jeff Wilmore), Shag as Village Mutt, Emily Hung as Bathhouse Hottie #2, Mike Kinney as Gator McGraw, Chloe Kraft as Town Girl, Daddy Longlegs, John E. Necro as Heckler #4, Tech Nine, Jimmie Walker as The Husband, Aaron Brenner as Cowboy, Chad Olshavsky as Cowboy, Jennica Schwartzman as Wife
Plot : In the Wild West town of Mudbug, Sheriff Sugar Wolf arrives to mission an over-the-top villain, Big Baby Chips.
Run Time : 95 min
Country : USA
Company : Psychopathic Records