Bas Yaari Rakho (2000)

Director : Gopi Desai
Genre : Comedy, Drama
Cast : Pooja Batra as Pratibha, Seema Bhat as Sandu`s mom, Firdausi Jussawalla as Father Superior, Rochit Mehta, Gaffar Modi as Sandu, Rushabh Patni as Joseph Ignace / Jassiya, Om Puri as Tom, Satyajit Sharma as Brother Lobo
Run Time : (min.) 90
Country : India
Language : English | Gujarati | Hindi
After the catastrophic passing somewhere else of his mother, Joseph Ignace alias Jassiya (Rushabh Patni) is sent to…
After the catastrophic passing in esoteric places of his mother, Joseph Ignace alias Jassiya (Rushabh Patni) is sent to a Catholic Hostel where he might reach his questions in addition to live inside the hostel. The quickly gap delight in his mother, diet, furthermore frequent background of his village, has a deep impact on Joseph, furthermore he at the beginning cannot abdomen the diet backed inside the hostel cafetaria. He after that comes across a beau student, Sandu (Gaffar Modi) who belongs to the Siddi community, somewhat observed minority collection inside India, who are of African origin. He finds out Sandu is consequently needing food that he will not yet eat the cafetaria diet save for still receive different conjugal to his mama furthermore two esoteric siblings, who are fraught to variety a existing following their father vanished one another given that whereabouts unknown. Joseph starts to portion the diet delight in his plate; after that he removes added servings; yet byhelping inside the cafetaria; furthermore after that removes to copying for a large amount of diet for he might given that Sandu`s family. Then solitary sunlight hours one in all the students` informs Father Lobo, furthermore Joseph is authoritatively humiliated, furthermore grimly beaten by the Catholic priest. The School puts conscious a comment that Joseph is to troth rusticated delight in categorization given that copying food. Not knowing where to spin to, Joseph works to Church furthermore canvasses Devputra Jesus (Son of God) whether he has forever been hungry? On attaining no answer, he decides to flow faraway from categorization to his village, discarding at a loss for words furthermore astonished teachers, furthermore fellow-students, furthermore a needing food Sandu furthermore his order behind.

Bas Yaari Rakho (2000)
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