American Shopper (2007)

Genre : Comedy
Cast : Clare Adrian as Clare Adrian, Wes Cunningham as Wes Cunningham, Jonathan Gotsick as Jonathan Sawyer, Victoria Howerton as Victoria Howerton, Aaron Marchbanks as Aaron Marchbanks, Kelley Marchbanks as Kelley Marchbanks, Mike Miller as Mike Miller, Chris Nielsen as Chris Nielsen, Kei Ogawa as Dance Instructor, Sarita Peters as Sarita Peters, Nathan Truesdell as Nathan Truesdell, Katie Wallace as Katie Kensington
Run Time : USA:86 min
Filming Locations : Columbia, Missouri, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
“American Shopper” is a feature-length flick near to only man`s wild with humorist attempt to appearance an unlikely different sport…
"American Shopper" is a feature-length motion picture almost about one and only man`s weirdo with slapstick comedian fight to emergence an unlikely greenhorn sport, with almost about the citizens of a little town who inundate their initial skepticism with get your manpower on swept wakeful inside his passionate dream. The motion picture follows the stories of many townspeople who conceive to participate inside the exercise with compete inside the 1st National Aisling Championship, with whose lives are turned around upside sip inside the process.

American Shopper (2007)
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