A Summer Tale (2000)

Director : Ulf Malmros
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Family, Romance
Cast : Kjell Bergqvist as Yngve Johansson, Anastasios Soulis as Mårten, Rebecca Scheja as Annika, Cecilia Nilsson as Miss Svanström, Brasse Brännström as Sven, Marcus Hasselborg as Harald, Gachugo Makini as Jacques, Göran Thorell as Erik Olsson, Ann Petrén as Ljungström, Pale Olofsson as Head Waiter, Anna Kristina Kallin as Nurse, Ralph Carlsson as Priest, Jerker Fahlström as Messenger, Johan Holmberg as Policeman
Run Time : 91 min
Filming Locations : Björkås herrgård, Vargön, Västra Götalands län, Sweden
Country : Sweden
Language : Swedish | English
Two young people switched over inside and a without a friend in the world undertaker who is secretly inside attachment and the town`s set teacher.
The summer of `58, the per annum Sweden virtually won the globe challenge inside soccer far more than Brazil, Yngve Johansson accepts two tykes to live plus him at assorted usher of the summer, since well-advised ended the eyes of a tender boy. His point out is Mårten, with the different child`s point out is Annika. She is a scratchy girl, plus ample problems. The three of each other do not obtain along, with Yngve is a specific dictator to the children`s eyes. However, as the tykes learn that their fresh guardian has a rout on their counselor (Cecilia Nilsson), they do no matter what they could to transfer the two together. Soon enough, the three will learn that they taste a huge deal other inside popular than they hitherto imagined, with jointly they could style their lives price alive again. This is a lovable chronicle close to living inside Sweden inside the mid 1900`s. It is close to family, love, hate, meaningless friendship that we the finalize thing could relate to, with much, a large amount of more. The show invites laughter also tears, with the actors, both the tender with the old, are highly talented with the top Sweden could offer. One will by no means omit the view as Yngve believes the tykes get amusement from pace bumps!

A Summer Tale (2000)
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