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The Spirit of Paris (2013)

Director : Esteban Zúñiga
Genre : Family, Musical, Mystery
Run Time : 1 min
Country : France | Mexico
Language :
The energy of Paris. It is

El lugar del hijo (2013)

Director : Manolo Nieto
Genre : Drama, Family
Cast : Felipe Dieste Directed by Manolo Nieto Writing credits Manolo Nieto writer Lisandro Alonso as. producer Cinematography by

The Story of an Old Woman (2013)

Director : Alexey Gorlov
Genre : Drama, Family
Run Time : 78 min
Country : Kazakhstan
Language : Russian
An elderly, paralyzed mature person is

Defending Santa (2013)

Director : Brian Skiba
Genre : Family
Run Time : (min.) 90
Country : Canada | USA
Language : English

Ruta 66 (2013)

Director : Sergi Cervera
Genre : Drama, Family
Run Time : 78 min
Country : Spain | USA
Language : Spanish
Two siblings, who suffer been separated

New (2013)

Director : Kim Robinson
Genre : Drama, Family, Music
Cast : Roseanna Christiansen as Nora, Jessica Sobel as Jessamine “Jess”, Brooke Newton as Bailey, Blake Newton

Super Athlete (2013)

Director : John Comrie
Genre : Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Sport
Cast : Tony Sirico as Coach Lou, Christopher Lloyd as Stanley Bottoms, Tony Todd as Mouse, Faran Tahir as Principal

Gilgamesh (2013)

Director : Edward Picot
Genre : Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Run Time : 58 min
Country : UK
Language : English
A puppet-animation relative to

Looking Out (2013)

Director : Chris Haag
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Family
Cast : Tom Nelis as Phil, James Creque as Clay, Julia Haltigan as Scarlet, Kevin Kelly
Run Time : 50 min

Kabalat Shabat (2013)

Genre : Drama, Family
Cast : Dan Turgeman, Lee Koznik, Ziv Besor Directed by Eldad Bouganim Israel Winkler Writing credits Israel Winkler writer Eldad Bouganim as. producer Madlen Vaza as.