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Diametrically Opposed (2013)

Genre : Action, Crime, Thriller
Run Time : 81 min (approx.)
Filming Locations : Gila Bend, Arizona, USA
Country : USA
Language : English

The Corrupt (2013)

Director : Joe Morford
Genre : Action, Crime, Mystery
Cast : Gen Celle, Dan Li, Mario Lopez, Josephine Hitachi-San, Maria Benedetto, Cherrylou Calianga, Caesar Garcia, Chica

Intent (2013/II)

Director : Tim Crockett
Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller
Cast : Eric Roberts as Detective Gordon, Seth Peterson as David McDowell, Brett Rice as Daniels, Lauren Mae Shafer as

Altered (2013)

Director : Christopher A. Nooner
Genre : Crime
Cast : Morgan Jaye Williams, Joshua Wilkins as Detective Ransom, Paxton Carr as Lilly, Andrew Shane Autry as Detective Grae, Tom

Last Day (2013)

Director : Marc Schelper
Genre : Crime
Cast : David Bargiel as James, Nima Conradt as Gangster, Svenja Görger as Mira, Lea Hellwig as Kellnerin, Till Herber as Phil, J. Luis

Behind the Blue Doors (2013)

Director : Tom Charley
Genre : Crime, Drama
Cast : Hailey Ray as Teen Victim, Brandon Belin Jones as Agent-2, Gregory Alford as Agent
Run Time : 96 min

Des humains bien tranquilles (2013)

Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller
Cast : Olivier Lafond-Martel as Marc Rainville / Tony Bartolomo, Simon Legros as Lazzaro Lucci, Samuel Fortin as Inspecteur Lebrun, Mathieu Simpson as Jean

Tracks (2013/II)

Genre : Crime, Drama
Cast : Schon Duncan as August, Page Tudyk as Stella, Jordan Witter as Skye
Run Time : 70 min
Country : USA
Language : English

Dark Possibilities (2013)

Director : Laura Marie Angelo
Genre : Crime, Drama
Cast : Larry Rosen as Victor, Cheryl Martin as Betty
Run Time : 4 min
Country : USA

Murphy`s Ridge (2013)

Director : George Athanasiou
Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller
Run Time : 90 min
Country : USA
Language : English
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