The Other Boleyn Girl (2008)

Director : Justin Chadwick
Genre : Biography, Drama, History, Romance
Cast : Natalie Portman as Anne Boleyn, Scarlett Johansson as Mary Boleyn, Eric Bana as Henry Tudor, Jim Sturgess as George Boleyn, Mark Rylance as Sir Thomas Boleyn, Kristin Scott Thomas as Lady Elizabeth Boleyn, David Morrissey as The Duke of Norfolk, Benedict Cumberbatch as William Carey, Oliver Coleman as Henry Percy, Ana Torrent as Katherine of Aragon, Eddie Redmayne as William Stafford, Tom Cox as Rider, Michael Smiley as Physician, Montserrat Roig de Puig as Lady in Waiting, Juno Temple as Jane Parker, Iain Mitchell as Thomas Cromwell, Andrew Garfield as Francis Weston (credit only), Mark Lewis Jones as Brandon, Corinne Galloway as Jane Seymour, Alfie Allen as King`s Messenger, Joseph Moore as Young Henry, Tiffany Freisberg as Mary Talbot, Bill Wallis as Archbishop Cranmer, Joanna Scanlan as Midwife, Brodie Judge as Young Catherine, Oscar Negus as Little Henry, Maisie Smith as Young Elizabeth, Daisy Doidge-Hill as Young Anne, Kizzy Fassett as Young Mary, Finton Reilly as Young George, Emma Noakes as Maid, Poppy Hurst as Little Catherine, Constance Stride as Mary Tudor, Victoria Bull as Lady-in-Waiting to Jane Boleyn, Gemma Cooper as French Courtier, Elizabeth Croft as Lady Duncombe, James Fiddy as Nobleman, Rebecca Grant as French Courtier, Lexie Lambert as Mary Boleyn`s maid, Shane Nolan as King`s Guard, Mark Smith as Howard Nobleman, Karol Steele as Noblewoman, Serena Tona-Wade as Wench
Plot : Two sisters debate since the attachment of King Henry VIII.
Run Time : 115 min
Country : UK | USA
Company : BBC Films