Veggie Propaganda (2011)

Director : Kristen Palana
Genre : Animation, Comedy, Music
Run Time : 6 min
Country : Italy
Language : English
Veggie Propaganda is a quirky, sing-song enthusiasm that puts a revelation on animals, our relationship plus each other along with their rights…
Veggie Propaganda is a quirky, sing-song excitement that puts a introduction on animals, our relationship as well as one another also their rights. This 2D fine-art/digital excitement traits chief music completed by New York City band, The Penultimate. It explores youth myths with facets to animals vs. the certainty of their lives inside a human-centered world, where our cuisine surely comes indulge in also how by cleanly ingesting less chicken citizenry might class an remarkable productive impact on their health, their cash also the environment.

Veggie Propaganda (2011)
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