Melody (2012/I)

Director : Chien Yao
Genre : Animation, Drama, Romance
Cast : Sinje Lee as Melody
Run Time : 90 min
Country : Taiwan
Language : Mandarin
Jing Shan is not the list that Melody may perhaps crumble tenderness at the beginning sight, except the consummate lot their friends utter they glance noticeably alike…
Jing Shan is not the categorization that Melody may possibly fall to pieces warmth at the beginning sight, excluding the total lot their friends state they glimpse definitely alike. For a while, they set out to believe the equal way. Perhaps since this reason, they turn out to be a couple. Their look, accent, along with also conduct turn out to be similar. Melody by no means believes inside fate; however, the foremost stretch she undresses inside front of Jing Shan along with finds the mole on his factual shoulder, she may not come to someone’s rescue excluding consider inside fate, since she has the equal mole on her vanished shoulder. As to Jing Shan, he is other fervently to consider inside their destiny. But they are not understandable that warmth islove is consequently fragile excluding powerful.

Melody (2012/I)
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