Inspektor Martin i banda puzeva (2012)

Director : Igor Lepcin
Genre : Animation
Cast : Bozidar Alic as Inspektor Martin, Ljubomir Kerekes as Inspektor Golatch, Luka Jaklic as Silvio, Kristijan Ugrina as Egon, Robert Ugrina as Franjo, Baby Dooks as Opaki Stanko, Zrinka Vrabec Mojzes as Gradonacelnica, Denis Obadic as Spaco, Sinisa Popovic as Pilot
Run Time : 82 min (approx.)
Country : Croatia
Language : Croatian
Famous inspector Martin looses his confidential provision inside a difficult plane misfortune more than a petty meadow. In his quest, he encounters millions of colorful characters.
Inspector Martin loses a freakish service inside the off-centre plane mishap far more than the meadow. During the look for he encounters an elderly breed friend, whom he hates for the reason that necessary school, numerous snails with a endearing Mayor. One by one, Martin with snails fall into the workforce of Wicked Stanko, the vilest criminal inside the meadow, which is frenzied to buy Martin`s service with conclude what on earth it`s plotted out of.

Inspektor Martin i banda puzeva (2012)
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