Approved for Adoption (2012)

Genre : Animation, Biography, Family
Cast : Maxym Anciaux as Cédric à 8 ans, Cathy Boquet as Gaëlle à 14 ans, Mahé Collet as Valérie à 3 ans, Christelle Cornil as La mère adoptive de Jung, William Coryn as Jung adulte, Jean-Luc Couchard as Le père adoptif de Jung, Aaricia Dubois as Coralie à 8 ans / Coralie à 6 ans, Alayin Dubois as Coralie à 5 ans / Gaëlle à 5 ans, Arthur Dubois as Jung à 8 ans, Nathalie Homs as Bonne Maman, Jung as Himself, David Macaluso as Jung à 17 ans, Jazz Marlier as Catherine à 7 ans / Valérie à 12 ans, David Murgia as Cédric à 17 ans, Pauline Souren as Carole à 12 ans / Valérie à 12 ans, Leo Van Bever as Jacques
Run Time : 70 min | 75 min
Country : Belgium | France | South Korea | Switzerland
Language : French
Comic-book actor Jung wages to Seoul as the initially term as he was lonesome at the phase of 5.
European on the groupings side, Asian on the tails side. Cartoonist. 42 time getting on in the suggestion of his civil status, Jung prefers to area his surfacing at the episode of 5, as soon as a policeman sized up him migrating by myself on the conventions of Seoul. He is one among those 200 000 adopted Koreans come as far as almost about the world. Jung was firm to return, given that the primarily time, inside South Korea, inside bid to breath the air of his conjugal country, tread the domicile of his ancestors, plus it could be hold traces of his biological mother. This stumble of reconciliation and his roots plus and himself, view because a documentary, leads our temperament to think of inside animation
Taken inside by a policeman inside a use of Seoul, Jung, somewhat orphan, is in a while adopted by a Belgian family. When he arrives inside Walloon Babant, the tiny boy is completely disoriented: his sole steer of make a remark is a… bottle of Coca-Cola! But, tiny by little, he grows at house with his ashen catholic family, his authoritative mother, his adolescent father, his four brothers as at any rate as sisters. Accustomed although not appeased. Who is Jung actually, a Belgian?, a Korean?, a Japanese? Should he depart get caught inside with to his roots or repudiate them? So uncountable insecurities pilot to trouble, nightmares, misbehavior as at any rate as punishment. Fortunately Jung discovers he has a aptitude : drawing…

Approved for Adoption (2012)
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