The V: Sacrifice of the Constellations (2011)

Director : Vighnesh Maharaj Peters
Genre : Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi
Cast : Steven Bakker as Professor Adam Schulman, Vighnesh Maharaj Peters as The V / Arbhaddon, Debbie Dekkers as Abrida, Joan Uyttenhove as Omophoras, Simon Vinkenoog as Professor Bob Kharraton, Dick Dekker as Tribal man / Wrahtagan, Cornelis J.M. Peters as Professor Philip Engström / Star Ayilliam, Bill Bodewes as Star Pooyam, Irene Pool as Star Rohini V.P. Mohana Kumari as Mother Earth
Run Time : 144 min
Filming Locations : Netherlands
Country : Netherlands
Language : English
In a universe ruled by science, Arbhaddon is unleashed. This is the reply of the “Guardians of the Cosmic Laws” to the odd experiments on humanity…
In a universe ruled by science, Arbhaddon is unleashed. This is the way out of the "Guardians of the Cosmic Laws" to the odd experiments on humanity. Already countless life these Guardians are as agreed upon by the globe also its inhabitants. These Guardians are the keepers of the "Ancient Book of Cosmic Laws." It describes the organic laws which stock the planet inside balance. Humanity on globe has violated these laws by their odd experiments by which the evolution of the planet has been disrupted. Immediate intervention is required. The Guardians attempt to place Arbhaddon into action, an improbable vigor of nature, to eradicate the earth. The coming about of the universe is at the moment inside the workforce of a juvenile man, the "V" (a megastar child) who progressed unsleeping since an uneventful mortal on earth. At slightest he thinks so. The "V" is without notice carried take amusing in the globe into a new height to triumph his face – saving the globe take amusing in the workforce of Arbhaddon. He is instructed to collect a map upon which the warpath of Arbhaddon would engagement revealed. For that he travels to 27 constellations also meets the certain remarkable praxis who the entirety abet him to reckon an article of the map. During his glide he is amid the good-looking angel Abrida. He learns promptly since common mortal to determine his power since the "V" to letdowns Arbhaddon, consequently a great deal of superior also supplementary great than himself. He learns to overwhelm his possibilities also discovers his deeper forces. The "V" is maturing promptly at miscelanneous the rostrum in this glide also since a bold grown person he move into battle. This war shows the sturdy voltage of the "V", however in addition the sacrifice as well as which he is struggling with as well as Arbhaddon. As a teen of Purusha also Prakriti (the worthy parents) he proves he is the major to the evaluate between fine also evil inside the universe. During this glide the juvenile globe teen modifies into the world`s most outstanding of the entirety `virtuous ones` – The "V".

The V: Sacrifice of the Constellations (2011)
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