The Pen and the Sword (2012)

Director : Stephan Latchman
Genre : Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery
Cast : Julian Campobasso as Jake / Amdis, Evan Mulholland as Will / Morg, Sarah Durso as Amy, Therese Smith as Kate, Rafael Fusca as Abe, David Streader as Roy, Stephan Latchman as Charlie, Lionel Kobi as Patrick, Emma Ong as Stacey
Run Time : 93 min
Country : Australia
Language : English
The descendant of King Arthur plus his reluctant wizard seek because the Holy Grail, little bit two most excellent friends arrange to commence a responsibility following graduating relishes university.
While Amdis Pendragon, the descendant of King Arthur, searches because the Holy Grail on Avalon also his reluctant wizard Morg, Will plus Jake devise an inspiration to initiate a interest the daytime following graduating enjoys University. As the two stories unfold, it becomes comprehensible that their respective subject matters plus plots are fundamentally the same, plus that Will plus Jake are not more than usually separate enjoys Amdis plus Morg.

The Pen and the Sword (2012)
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