Philter (2012)

Director : Jason Lane Fenton
Genre : Adventure, Comedy, Drama
Cast : Gregory Peterson as Elam `E-Lame` Roland Heinz, Jason Lane Fenton as Scout Reid Mathis, Sarah Blodgett as Renee Donovan, Lara Larsen as Michelle O`Brien, Tyler Peck as Tim, Kim Barlow as Crystal`s Roommate, Holly Hanson as Waitress #1, Fritz Ceriales, Kayla Zaniboni as Party Girl #1, Brendan Nolan, Jennifer Shea as Scout`s Teammate #1, Elly Berke, Jesse Christensen as Politician`s Bodyguard, Shannon Muhs as Jenna Woolard, Marty Seeger as Kim, Ana Vaz as Party Girl #2, Julie Feskoe, Diane Halling as Nicole Jordan (as Diane Needham), Lauren Flaherty, Felicia Barry, Melissa Fitzgerald as Hot Club Dancing Girl #1, Erin Diskin, Tanya Hutton as Stephanie, Austin Auh as Agent Troy`s Sidekick #2, Theresa Dagumboy, Dina Baker as Elam`s Teammate #1, Jenna Brazil as Happy Train Girl, Scott Giangrande as Senator Herbert Littlefield, Brigid Battell, Nick Brazil as Happy Train Guy, Matthew Zahnzinger as Jeremy, Frank Tarara as Jarvis Dell, Victoria Kando, Justin Wilson as RA #2 / Scout`s Friend, Donald Chisolm as Michelle`s Boyfriend #2, Nikki Hansen, Tyber White, Jerry Meadows as Dork in Ice Cream Store, Brooke Casanova as Bartender, Bryan McKeon as Politician Jogger, Adam Dennison, Nickolaus Matcheson as Ra #1, Kristyna Tchir, Stephanie Baier, Juliet Leydon as Kelly, Ken Winchester as Extra Male in Nearly Every Scene, Garner Willis, Tina Margiotta as Elevator Girl, Joe Hansen, Elise Wulf as Abby Buttaro, Justin Carrasco as Jarvis`s Bodyguard #2, Bill Derusha as David / RA Director, Jim Jendro as Jarod, Ashley Abgay as Party Girl #3, Laura Chandler as Gilly, Christian Hutchinson as Barfly, Paul Gard, Charlene Carson, Erin Walsh, William Nolasco, Corinne Mesa, Shaun Bedgood as Mike, Mark Sickler as Derek, Dorothy Eagle as Scout`s Girl #1, Victorina Sanders, Ruth Desantis, Alex Fleming as Elevator Guy, Michael Petelle as Michelle`s Boyfriend #1, Mike Tokatlyan as Jarvis`s Bodyguard #1, Karen Dervin as Neighbor, Tam Lym, Doreen Deshler as Senator Littlefield`s Wife, Alexandra Feskoe, Morgan Gavaletz as Spray Paint Girl, Kendra Jendro as Jennifer, Joe Grzybala as Bouncer, Neil Massa as Tom Woolard, Jin Bun as Agent Troy`s Sidekick #1, Timothy Hunt Jr. as Jason, Dan Merriman as Agent Troy, Jaime Hennessey as Waitress #2, Jillian Barry, Melissa Penney as Crystal, Rob Jeannotte as Daniel, John Saro as Mark Skeffington, Shoney Wallace as Scout & Michelle`s Professor, Azad Gualtieri, Fiex Thevenin as News Anchor #1, Dug Michaud as Jarvis`s Lawyer, Olivia Brownlee, Nathan Matcheson as Police Officer, Renee Prelack as Scout`s Teammate #2 / Scout`s Girl #2, Melinda Fulk, Joshua Doran, Jorge Martinez as Nick, John Stafford as Brian O`Neil / Drew, Gregory Dodd as Pizza Delivery Person, Julie Gagnon as Hot Club Dancing Girl #2, Erika Winchester as Extra Married to Male Extra in Nearly Every Scene, Christen Hutchinson as Mole, Kelly Davis, Amanda Stephens, Nikki DePasquale as Extra
Run Time : 168 min | 167 min (approx.)
Filming Locations : Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
Two college buddies make up with market it a attachment potion cocktail to cure contravened affairs with be of facility to flourishing romances…
Two college buddies discover furthermore retail it to you a care potion cocktail to cure infringed amorous affairs furthermore do any individual a favour flourishing romances. However, their noble ideas are abused by those also supplementary egoistic furthermore corrupt requests of the heart. Their own friendship furthermore separate relationships are challenged inside the process, envisioned irritating as a covert branch of the government steps inside to utilize the potion given that hush hush operations.
Two college buddies make up along with advertise a warmth potion cocktail to fix breached romances along with pitch inside with flourishing romances. However, their noble designs are abused by those in addition to several greedy along with corrupt needs of the heart. Their own friendship along with clear-cut relationships are challenged inside the process, meant damaging once a confidential branch of the government steps inside to utilize the potion as undisclosed operations.

Philter (2012)
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