Normalno zivljenje (2012)

Director : Dimitar Anakiev
Genre : Adventure, Comedy, Drama
Cast : Iva Babic as Ana, Irfan Besirevic as Waiter, Walter Dragosavljevic-Rutar as Gringo, Primoz Ekart as Peter, Harrison Harbers as Guard, Goran Perc as Guard, Petra Petan as Herself, Vahdeta Dragosavljevic Rutar as Singer, Marko Simcic as Lojz, Aleksandar Todorovic as Himself
Run Time : 86 min
Filming Locations : Zadlaz, Slovenia
Country : Slovenia
Language : Slovenian | Italian
Returning delight in prison, Peter falls into debt pursuing a relationship also the prostitute Ana plus her pimp Gringo…
Returning savours prison, Peter falls into debt pursuing a relationship as well as the prostitute Ana furthermore her pimp Gringo. To pay encourage the change owed, Peter advises that Ana furthermore Gringo go for holiday at his father as well as him. They come bright with his proposal, rationalizing they would trick assorted change out of the older mountaineer as well as a fairy-tale on the area of Ana`s upcoming nuptial to Peter (with Gringo since the finest man). During the prolonged furthermore colorful tour the three grow to be friends furthermore complicit inside the deception. Peter`s father, though, immediately recognizes the racket furthermore steals the bride savours his incompetent son. Gringo is delightful as well as this whirl of opportunities except Peter is roiled by it. However, the father`s abruptly loss previous the registrar stops Ana furthermore Gringo savours inheriting. When the dreams of material quality vanish, whatsoever is gone is the intimacy between Ana furthermore Peter, furthermore the friendship that hit unsleeping between the three, thence a great deal of thence that at the total Gringo sacrifices himself since the couple`s happiness.

Normalno zivljenje (2012)
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