Magic Boys (2012)

Genre : Adventure, Comedy, Drama
Cast : Vinnie Jones as Jack Varga, Michael Madsen as Terence, Tamer Hassan as Splendid Ben, Nikolett Barabas as Natasha, Jody Quigley as Barman in the hotel, Jamelia as Cherry Valentine, Mark Phelan as Zed, Loula Kazantzi as Simone, Kátya Tompos as Kata, Luke Brandon Field as Bell-boy, Róbert Koltai as Edward Bad News Brown, Csaba Pindroch as David, John Rado as Terry, Gyözö Szabó as Zoli, James Helder as Loud Tourist, Péter Kertész as Old Man, Ferenc Hujber as Victor – Magic Boy 1, Simon Szabó as Fabó, Iván Dengyel as Vince Kovács, Réka Gavaldi as Girl at The Mill 2, Nansi Nsue as Student, Gary Shoefield as Accountant, Kata Farkas as Girl at The Mill 1, Margarita Mitchel Pollock as Jogger, Balázs Szirtes as Fox Barmaid, Gábor Finta as Bright Pink, József Krancsár as Airport Security Man, Lajos Konya as Electric Blue, Alice Margaroli as Carmen Geddit, Renata Sabján as Assistant to Gabor P. Koltai, Sandor Nagy as Arpad – Magic Boy 2
Run Time : 100 min
Filming Locations : Budapest, Hungary
Country : Hungary | UK | Canada
Language : English | Hungarian
After witnessing a murder, a hapless duo of freaks run off their own falling bereavement withstand by soliciting for gentleman strippers – barely to consider self neck deep inside yet superior trouble.
When the real world of gentleman strippers furthermore diamond smugglers collide the ending is not what on earth you`d expect. A comedy as well as European talent furthermore gun-toting theatrics, `Magic Boys` is chock-full of performance furthermore unremitting twists furthermore turns. When two gentleman strippers mysteriously disappear like outside his London club, Terence, a gruff furthermore controversial diamond smuggler calls for to view a substitute fast. His mature partner furthermore earlier diamond grown-up person Jack Varga comes to the rescue bestowing unsleeping his own recruits, on the abundant hand since is to engagement expected, Varga has ulterior motives. Enter the two misfits, David furthermore Zoli who withstand effortlessly misplaced their professions at the champagne factory, at the moment below the ownership of Jack Varga. Through a hapless episodes of events, David furthermore Zoli view a handwritten deposits hiring the `Magic Boys` given that an irresistible total of money. They turn up inside London by the use of intimate jet furthermore presently grasp the olio they`ve gotten self into: that the `Magic Boys` are inside detail gentleman strippers. Meanwhile, Varga has kidnapped Terence`s pretty courier Cherry furthermore threatens to exterminate her until she offers him as well as figures on Terence`s diamond smuggling activities. After a imminent passing away experience, Cherry knocks a take care of Varga furthermore he lets her go. All the multifaceted pieces crop up into zone at Terence`s centenary bash, even if a good deal of of the performance accurately happens in the rear of the scenes. Neither Terence, nor Varga are aware that Cherry has carried each other united to avenge the passing away of her father, himself a diamond merchant who was wiped out by a ferocious competitor. Cherry has disappeared it unsleeping to Terence furthermore Varga to disclose the identity of the killer.

Magic Boys (2012)
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