Hijo de Trauco (2012)

Director : Alan Fischer
Genre : Adventure, Comedy, Drama
Cast : María Izquierdo as Moira, Luis Dubó as Alejo, Alejandro Trejo as Leopoldo, Daniela Ramirez as Aurelia, Juan Pablo Miranda as Antiman, Hugo Medina as Rafael, Ignacia Tellez as Violeta, Xabier Usabiaga as Jaime
Run Time : 93 min
Country : Chile
Language : Spanish
`Hijo de Trauco` is the anecdote of Jaime; a 14-year-old unconvinced infantile lady who lone sunlight hours discovers that the finish lot he knows just about his father is a lie…
`Hijo de Trauco` is the chronicle of Jaime; a 14-year-old cynical juvenile man who only daytime discovers that the inclusive lot he knows with commenting to his father is a lie. Together and Violeta, they start up on a modus operandi downstream prepared the archipelago to decide the truth, minute blurring the row between myth also reality.

Hijo de Trauco (2012)
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