Against the Wind (2012)

Director : Brad Batchelor
Genre : Adventure, Drama
Cast : Baharum Abdu as Boatman, David Abrams as Schooner Seaman, Edgar Baker as Samuel, Etta Baker as Herself, Nakia Baker as Cousin Kia, Brendan Banner as Robert Washington – child, Asha Batchelor as Little girl in bank, Brad Batchelor as Captain Alex Jamieson, Daniel Batchelor as Sergeant Danny Brown, Abel Bautista as Drug lord guard, Gary Bennett as WW1 German Soldier, Steve Binder as Federal Agent, Laurent Brancourt as Captain Thenault, Jerry Cheek as Deputy Bilson, Guy Chiarello as Digger, Jean-Marc de Foucault as French Surgeon, Andre DeRiso as Lt. Richards, Ted Eberhart as WW1 Pilot, Gary Ellison as Barnstormer, Ayu Ezrani as Chinese Agent, Chad Fairchild as Deputy Paul, Donald Fairchild as Federal Agent, Alia Feisal as Balinese girl, Scarlett Frisbie as Hannah, Norbert Goode as WW1 French Colonel, Dale Gould as Jack York, Larry Grosman as Federal Agent, Isham Hamim as Shan, Bernie Havilcek as German railway manager, Renate Havilcek as Railway manager`s wife, Lucas Hayes as Jake – Deputy, Lucas Hays as Jake – Deputy, Cole Holbrook as Presidential Assistant, Bryson Huffman as Navigator, Nana Isham as Shan`s Daughter, Robert P. Johnson II as Robert Washington, DiShawn Johnson as Chenga, Randy Jones as President of the United States, Doug Kaufman as Doug, Laura Kaufman as Laura, Brian Lischin as Conrad, Martin Little as Sheriff Kane, Armando Lopez as Jose Rodriquez, Dean Lyons as Deputy Wolf, Patrick Maisonhaute as Captain Jean Paul Dulage, Ashley McCleary as Bank Teller, Donald Miller as Musician, Larry Mosely as Banker Mosely, Lin Mustafa as Kadija, Donald Neary as Agent Nummi, Scott Nicholson as Sgt Nichols – Pilot, Ron Nummi as Sheriff, Bryanna O`Neil as Rose Washington, Oksana as Sana, Andy Parks as WW1 Pilot, Bobby Pearson as Ike Washington, Jeffrey Poe as Juke Joint fighter, Cheryl Pudsey-Staiger as Bank patron, Tayalan Raman as Dockman, Hal Robinson as Pilot, Nasir Saadan as Dockman, James Schaller as Corporal Schaller, Krista Schuermann as Agent Kate Schuermann, Reza Shafiee as Courier, Michael Shuford as Michelle – Aircraft Mechanic, Jeff Smith as German Soldier, Peter Speach as Agent John Speach, Tamara Stephenson as Ida Washington, Audrey Tate as Church choir, Dora Tate as Granny, Edgar Tate as Musician, Samual Tate as Preacher Tate, Caroleen Watson as Bank patron, Kitra Williams as Lead Church Singer and mourner, Bruce Williamson as Deputy Bruce, Brad Willis as German Soldier, Mark Wilson as Federal Agent, Craig Wood as WW1 – French Soldier, Rong Wu as Opium Den Girl
Run Time : USA:83 min | USA:120 min (re-edited)
Filming Locations : Boone, North Carolina, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
Against the chances of vitality WW1 flyer`s inside the Lafayette Esquadrille danger the entirety given that honor plus conquest…
Against the likelihood of vitality WW1 flyer`s inside the Lafayette Esquadrille threat the total thing since honor plus conquest. The adventurers tempo achieves not finalize once the ravages of struggle plus misplaced friends is over. As wanted subsequent to undercover agents X WW1 pilots are accepted by the initially narcotics school of the U.S. Treasury Department to struggle the international Opium trade, their way. From a vitality of struggle plus assassinations retirement is the vital goal. No recreation since the dead beat once the local Civil authorities intermixed and the Klan plus its bigotry pilot that retirement into revenge. From biplanes to Model A`s plus guns "Against the Wind" moves bask in 1915 to 1932 all through turbulent spans of Asia, Costa Rica plus the mountains since North Carolina.

Against the Wind (2012)
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