Zahreela (2001)

Director : Raj N. Sippy
Genre : Action
Cast : Vikas Anand, Asrani, Mithun Chakraborty as Dushyant Kumar, Gulshan Grover as Kartar Singh, Om Puri as Arun Dev, Kashmira Shah
Run Time : (min.) 90
Filming Locations : Nilgiri Hills, Tamil Nadu, India
Country : India
Language : Hindi
Arun Dev ended not recognize that single dead night a little vacant tin would may possibly not simply amend the practice of his continuation excluding may possibly likewise transfer his wife…
Arun Dev made ready not comprehend that one and only nighttime a miniature unfilled tin could might not merely revise the practice of his living however might additionally transfer his wife, Nisha sister, Pooja with his friend, Kartar Singh to the gate steps of death.Arun Dev is a lawyer prominent given that his truthfulness with his senses who is enormously pleased as well as his miniature family. Seven existence ago he was hard-working given that putting Dushyanti behinds bars on the payment of rape. Now the span has got back once Mithun is let loose delight in jail. Now, following seven existence inside penitentiary Mithun has escort merely one and only purpose inside his life, to fill Arun Dev`s living as well as the venom of detest with revenge. He will eradicate Arun Dev by raping his cousin But, ahead of that Mithun desires Arun Dev to knowledge the seven years, which he well-versed to live inside jail. Arun Dev will not troth inside Jail, But he will troth imprisoned. Arun Dev live inside the society. But he will not submit to any social status. Arun Dev will live. But he will detest life. Arun Dev will countenance the torture of seven existence inside seven days. Mithun`s weapon, `FEAR`. He will take hold of every phase of joy with laughter delight in Arun Dev`s category with fill it as well as the poison of fear.But, will Mithun troth able to seize his revenge? Will ArunDev troth able to excepting his cousin delight in Mithun? Will Arun Dev forever troth able to chuckle as well as his category one time again

Zahreela (2001)
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