Two de Force (2011)

Director : Orestes Matacena
Genre : Action, Drama
Cast : Luke Steward as President Obama, Jesse Wang as Chinese Chairman, Patty Kelley as Hillary Clinton, Wendy Lee as Captain Yi, Albert Serrato as Carlos Rabasa, Jason Williams as Charlie, Mike McCann as General McKiernan, Tim Hodgin as VP – Joe Biden, Orna Rachovitsky as Janet Napolitano, Viet Wilcots as Michelle Obama, Patti Negri as Jill Biden, Pablo Espinosa as Montgomery, Benjamin Seay as Clark, Britt Griffith as Britt, US Delegate, Tony Lam as Chinese Chairman Aide, Lee Chen as Chinese Special Forces, Angela Weech as US Marine Satellite Operator, Kevin Teh as Chinese Satellite Operator, Anthony Chang as General Zhang, Phil Becker as Bill Clinton, Ted Hayes as The Clintons` Butler, Lianjie Zhao as General Li, Hong Chen as General Lu, Grace Yang as Chinese Chairman`s Wife, Monty Fisher as VP Joe Biden`s Aide, John W. Allen as John McNamara, Milan Lau as Cuban-Chinese Pedestrian, Ksenia Poulber as Bill Clinton`s Babe, Anna Carranza as Maria, Boris Bagdassorroff as Mr. Soros, Maylen Calienes as School Principal, Lei Rachel Che as Chinese Hostage, Orit Shuckroon as Bill Clinton`s Limo Babe, Meng Yao Xiao as Counter Waitress, Monica Moon as Korean Manicurist – Brunette, Hannah Park as Korean Manicurist – Blonde, Matthew Jacob Wayne as Daniel (as Matthew Wayne), Amelia Compton as Rachel, Georgia T. Willow as Jessica (as Tiarra Ruffalo), John Kistler as Justin, Chris Fowler as Chris – US Delegate, Diego Fernandez as Captain Fernandez, Guillermo Jorge as US Marine Chaplain, Xiaohua Yi as General Lau`s Aide, Yvonne Lu as Chinese Delegation Hostess, Cameron White as Canadian Tourist, Michael January as Satellite Specialist, Dennis Kreusler as General David Petraeus, Francisco Salas as Us Marine War Room Post, Francisco Chavez as US Marine – Hallway Post, Andrew Sandoval as US Marine – Hallway Post, Michael Watson as US Marine Lieutenant, Holly Jeanne as Music Teacher, Yan Lu as Restaurant Cashier, Fay Kato as Chinese Delegate, Jie Liu as Chinese Special Forces, Young Zhao as Chinese Special Forces, Kevin Sumethasorn as Chinese Special Forces, Alex Wong as Chinese Special Forces, William Christopher Ford as Chinese Special Forces, Cassie Lee Minick as Chinese Special Forces (as Cassie Minick), Lisa Do as Chinese Special Forces, Victor Chi as Chinese Special Forces, Lance Huang as Chinese Special Forces, Yi Bin Zhang as Chinese Special Forces, Tingfeng Li as Chinese Special Forces, Yue Feng as Chinese Special Forces, Xiao Ling Cao as Chinese Special Forces, Dan Ben Yishay as Waiter, Dalong Liu as General Liu, Daniel Rodriguez as US Marine Rescue Team, Leo Montiel as US Mariner Rescue Team, Tai Ngo as Chinese Delegate, Yun Bai as Father, Yuping Wang as Mother, Genghe Wang as Chinese Boy, Mike Rodriguez as Pilot, Mumei Duan as Hair Salon Cashier, Jianping Wu as Bookstore Cashier, Viet Le as Restaurant Chef, Calvin Vuong as Man on Phone, Li Zhao as Chinese Delegate
Run Time : 130 min
Filming Locations : Los Angeles, California, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
The US Delegation as nonetheless as the Chinese Delegation link up inside Beijing to investigate US debt to China.
Two de Force is as aspects to the dispute of two superpowers: United States vs. China. It is 2012. U.S. as in any case as Chinese delegations meet up inside Beijing to inquire into the U.S. debt to China, a global issue. We peer into the leaders` real, deepest as in any case as commonly lonely worlds. The leaders dispute once they meet up on my own in the back of closed exits as in any case as the entirety hell breaks loose. The peculiar brand that tells this commanding as in any case as amusement yarn is Chinese, Mexican, Cuban, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, Israeli, Indonesian, Canadian as in any case as American. They signify esoteric races, religions as in any case as radical views. Mixing politics, action, drama as in any case as humor, the yarn will bring forth a wide collection of moviegoers to converse as in any case as assume as aspects to the greater portrait of philosophy as in any case as the powers-that-be that pluck the chain for the rationale that the masses.