The Suppressor (2011)

Director : Ara Paiaya
Genre : Action, Drama, Thriller
Cast : Ara Paiaya as Blake Bradley Behrouz Abolghassem as Beno De Cicco, Sarah Alexander as Hooker, Shanara Ali as Shereen Bradley, Margaret Booth as Estate Agent, Calum Burke as Young Boy, Richard Burke as Simon Smith MP, Stephen Christie as TV Reporter, Bruce Clark as Businessman, Sean Cooke as Factory Worker, Jodi Corpe as Hooker, David Cowie as Detective McManus, Adam Davidson as Max Bentley, Jill Davidson as Hooker, George Douglas as Hoodie, Scott Findlay as Henchmen, Charlie Fraser as Detective Cooper, Ronnie Genther as Pimp, Martin Gibson as Drug Dealer, David Hutcheson as Drug Dealer, Chris Keenon as Henchmen, Kester Lunney as Arms Dealer, Brodie Marno as Tony, Christophe Maurice as Bodyguard, Walker McCall as Bodyguard, Louise McKenzie as Hooker, Alan McLeod as Factory Worker, Ric Meyers as Claude Santos, Andy Moir as Forensic Agent, Alison Ogley as Police Woman, Arianne Paiaya as Alana Bradley, Raquel Paiaya as Jogger, Clark Peacock as Limo Driver, Christopher Ramsey as Psycho Killer, Austyn Robb as Ozzy Anderson, Chris Robb as Billy Hunter, Michael Sinclair as Michael Forrester, David Skene as Henchmen, Mark Somshore as Mark Zito, Kris Wilson as Henchmen, Vinnie Wilson as Vin McNab, Steve Worsley as Policeman
Run Time : 90 min
Country : UK
Language : English
They conveyed the sole thing, he may well eradicate for. Now somewhere, somehow, someones gona pay. When Drug misdeed is out of manipulate along with Corruption is everything around. The Suppressor is the sole punishment.
Ara Paiaya`s hard-hitting deeds thriller compilation opposition the seedy underbelly of Scottish organised crime. A novel criminal organisation is on the up-and-up, also a politician in addition to a corrupt undercover agent protecting it take entertainment in the long-lasting arm of the law. This dim organisation gives the look to engagement untouchable… But one and only woman has responded to enough. Blake Bradley (Ara Paiaya) decides to seize the act into his own manpower in addition to screen issues out. His close act is almost immediately seen by an upscale businessman, who hires him to get clear of the organisation. But the finalize lot is not what on earth it seems, in addition to almost immediately Blake finds himself interchanged take entertainment in pack rat to hunted.

The Suppressor (2011)
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