The Stool Pigeon (2010)

Director : Dante Lam
Genre : Action, Drama, Thriller
Cast : Nick Cheung as Don Lee, Nicholas Tse as Ghost Jr., Lunmei Kwai as Dee, Kai Chi Liu as Jabber, Pu Miao as Cher, Yi Lu as Barbarian, Lawrence Cheng as Cher`s brother, Sherman Chung as Ghost`s sister, Tony Ho as Pimp Wing, Philip Keung as Tai Ping, Jing-hung Kwok, Roderick Lam, Kong Lau as Cher`s father, Shing-Cheung Lee as Don`s superior, Siu-bing Leung as Social worker, Rob Lok as Undercover CID Agent, Deep Ng as Fairing, Yeung Ming Wan, Jane Wong as Santa`s Helper
Plot : Policeman Don Lee regularly goes also informants nevertheless some too-close bid plus failed missions bring forth him to envisage the real world jointly betrayal beyond a new – after that he meets Guy, plus is presented an additional opportunity to modify his views.
Run Time : 113 min
Country : Hong Kong
Company : Emperor Motion Pictures

The Stool Pigeon (2010)
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