The Red Pearl (2009)

Director : Gilbert Khoury
Genre : Action, Adventure, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Cast : Dulce Felix, Fern Figueiredo, Alino Giraldi, Mark Godden, Grant Goodine, Alexis Hancey, John Iwasin, Emmanuel Kabongo as John, Sandy Lai, Michelle Lecky, Adam McNamara, Lenroy Munro, Kelly-Marie Murtha, Robert Nolan, Kimberly Persona as Jane, Borce Petrovski, Stephanie Severino as Sarah, Kt Vang, Daniela Vohnout, Damon E. White as Tim
Run Time : 87 min
Country : Canada
Language : English
Stealing is a crime. Getting in assorted places also it is an art.

The Red Pearl (2009)
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