The Raid (2011)

Director : Gareth Evans
Genre : Action, Crime, Thriller
Cast : Iko Uwais as Rama, Joe Taslim as Jaka, Donny Alamsyah as Andi (as Doni Alamsyah), Yayan Ruhian as Mad Dog, Pierre Gruno as Wahyu, Ray Sahetapy as Tama, Tegar Satrya as Bowo, Iang Darmawan as Gofar, Eka `Piranha` Rahmadia as Dagu, Verdi Solaiman as Budi, Alfridus Godfred as Machete Gang #1, Rully Santoso as Machete Gang #2, Melkias Ronald Torobi as Machete Gang #3, Johanes Tuname as Machete Gang #4, Sofyan Alop as Machete Gang #5, R. Iman Aji as Eko, Ananda George as Ari, Yusuf Opilus as Alee, Mus Danang Danar Dono as Special Force Driver #1, Sunarto as Special Force Driver #2, Hanggi Maisya as Hanggi / Special Force #10, Zaenal Arifin as Zaenal / Special Force #11, Abraham Joshua B. Sitompul as Special Force #12, Aji Setianto as Special Force #13, Fachrudin Midun as Special Force #14, Ardiansyah Putra as Special Force #15, Engelius Rumbindi as Special Force #16, Bastian Riffanie as Special Force #17, Aliusman as Special Force #18, Yandi `Piranha` Sutsina as Prisoner, Henky Solaiman as Rama`s Father (as Hengky Solaiman), Fikha Effendi as Rama`s Wife (as Fikha Efendi), Rama Ramadhan as Doni Alamsyah Stunt Double, Ubay Dillah as Naga / Mad Dog`s Man #1, Taufik Arrahman as Mad Dog`s Man #2, Acip Sumardi as Mad Dog`s Man #3, Muhammad Yazid as Tomi / Andi`s Man #1, Saifan Nur as Angga / Andi`s Man #2, Umi Kulsum as Gofar`s Wife, Fiqih Hardana Yuanza as Spotter Boy #1, Daffa Sikumbang as Spotter Boy #2 (as Dafa Sikumbang), Eka Aprilyana as Drug`s Lab Guard #1, Ali Nurkoto as Drug`s Lab Guard #2, Achmad Supriatno as Drug`s Lab Guard #3, Muhammad Yusuf as Drug`s Lab Guard #4, Nur Wahyu Santosa as Drug`s Lab Guard #5, Dedy Djunaedi as Drug`s Lab Guard #6, Sutarno as Drug`s Lab Guard #7 / Money (as Setiarno), Sahlianto as Drug`s Lab Guard #8, Tuhen as Drug`s Lab Guard #9, Dedy Murphy Avivu as Drug`s Lab Guard #10 (as Dedy Murphy), Very Tri Yulisman as Drug`s Lab Guard #11, Dedi Irawan as Drug`s Lab Guard #12, Andry Ganda Wijaya as Drug`s Lab Guard #13, Hekmadiah as Drug`s Lab Guard #14, Mardiyono Sulaiman as Drug`s Lab Guard #15, Ade Sudiarto as Drug`s Lab Guard #16, Safaringga as Drug`s Lab Guard #17, Sandi Suandi as Drug`s Lab Guard #18, Jhon Hendri as Drug`s Lab Guard #19, Sutarso as Drug`s Lab Guard #20, Dedy Supriadi as Drug`s Lab Guard #21, Haikun as Carrying Bowo Fighter #1, Suharyanto Priyoaji as Carrying Bowo Fighter #2, Ahmad Ramadhan as Carrying Bowo Fighter #3, Wawan as Carrying Bowo Fighter #4, Halim Mubarroq as Carrying Bowo Fighter #5, Henriza Tamara as Carrying Bowo Fighter #6, Udeh Putralaga as Carrying Bowo Fighter #7, Ahmad Syarifundi as Carrying Bowo Fighter #8, Rachmat Maulana Fajar as Carrying Bowo Fighter #9, Rahmad Idayad as Carrying Bowo Fighter #10, Elvin as Carrying Bowo Fighter #11, Gusmal Mirson as Carrying Bowo Fighter #12, Julfajri Hidayat as Carrying Bowo Fighter #13, Novi Rahmat Hidayat as Carrying Bowo Fighter #14, Muhammad Abduh as Carrying Bowo Fighter #15, Machris Julian Iskandar as Carrying Bowo Fighter #16, Machtrein Muchram as Carrying Bowo Fighter #17, Muhammad Irvan as Carrying Bowo Fighter #18, Saat Arrohim as Hole Drop Attacker #1, Muhammad Abdillah as Hole Drop Attacker #2, Hengky Maukar as Hole Drop Attacker #3, Abi Cancer as Hole Drop Attacker #4, A. Ariyanto as Hole Drop Attacker #5, M. Aslam as Hole Drop Attacker #6, Eko Kurnianto as Hole Drop Attacker #7, Ahmad Basuni as Hole Drop Attacker #8, Mulyadi Marlon as AK-47 Attacker #1, Abdul Majid as AK-47 Attacker #2, Ibnu Anas as AK-47 Attacker #3, Wijanarko as AK-47 Attacker #4, Aloysius Pien as AK-47 Attacker #5, Azri Abon as Sniper #1, Acong Susanto B. Sugiono as Sniper #2, Hartono Tejokusumo as 15th Floor Attacker #1, Kemoks Alfarez as 15th Floor Attacker #2, Achmad Alwi Sobari as 15th Floor Attacker #3, Gregorius Ludony as 15th Floor Attacker #4, Danang Kasianto as 15th Floor Attacker #5, Wempi Stanly Renyaan as Riot Van Shooter #1, Rico as Riot Van Shooter #2, Dovan as Riot Van Shooter #3, Dominggus Uskono as Riot Van Attacker #1, Emanuel Y. Ceufin as Riot Van Attacker #2, Antonio Dosantos as Riot Van Attacker #3, Adhi Permana as Tama`s Victim #1, A. Amarudin as Tama`s Victim #2, Rendra as Tama`s Victim #3, M. Rizal as Tama`s Victim #4, Ardi Mg as Tama`s Victim #5 (as Ardi Mg.), Esa W. Sie as Iko Uwais` Stunt Double, Sahlianto Alfridus as Alfridus Godfred`s Stunt Double, Iwan Hariyandi as Falling Guard, Harry Karmus as Spy Hole Man, Indra Mulyana as Apartment Night Guard, Victoria as Junkie Girl, Imam Dharmawan Santoso as Junkie Guy #1, Adilof Firdaus as Junkie Guy #2, Aji Muslim as Sleeping Man, Muhammad Nimin as Panic Man, Adi Nurahman as Tortured Man, Rizal as Pierre Gruno`s Body Double
Run Time : 101 min
Filming Locations : Indonesia
Country : Indonesia | USA
Language : Indonesian
A SWAT players becomes caught up inside a tenement stream by a ruthless mobster plus his army of killers plus thugs.
In Jakarta, Indonesia, Lieutenant Wahyu organizes the invasion of an house that is the protected quarters of the influential also ferocious healing lord Tama also his gang. The SWAT side breaks inside the developing excluding lone take care sees also warns the gangsters also the regulate power is caught up on the seventh floor. They find out that Lt. Wahyu has not up to date his superiors just about the operation. Now the regulate officers have to be compelled to oppose as well as constrained ammunition critical the furnished also unsafe gangsters.
In the Jakarta slums, a derelict dwelling has be move into a no-go neck of the woods – still the check are unwilling to enter. It has be move into a safe-house given that the more or less precarious killers also gangsters. A SWAT players infiltrate the building, less than the safe haven of darkness, to confiscate its owner – a controversial cure lord detected Tama.

The Raid (2011)
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