The Other Guys (2010)

Director : Adam McKay
Genre : Action, Comedy, Crime
Cast : Derek Jeter as Himself, Samuel L. Jackson as P.K. Highsmith, Dwayne Johnson as Christopher Danson, Eva Mendes as Dr. Sheila Gamble, Larnell Stovall as Rasta, Jalil Jay Lynch as Rasta, Roy T. Anderson as Rasta, Andrew Secunda as Press Conference Reporter, Sara Chase as Press Conference Reporter, David Gideon as Mayor, Joshua Church as Hot Dog Guy (as Josh Church), Rob Riggle as Martin, Damon Wayans Jr. as Fosse, Michael Keaton as Captain Gene Mauch, Will Ferrell as Allen Gamble, Mark Wahlberg as Terry Hoitz, Michael Delaney as Bob Littleford, Alison Becker as Financial News Anchor, Steve Coogan as David Ershon, Warren Kelley as NYSE Official, Bobby Cannavale as Jimmy, Zoe Lister Jones as Therapist (as Zoe Lister-Jones), Sean Heilig as Therapy Cop, Matthew J. McCarthy as Therapy Cop, Adam Phillips as Therapy Cop, Ray Stevenson as Roger Wesley, Tess Kartel as Brazilian Woman, Rob Mars as Wesley`s Guard, C.C. Taylor as Wesley`s Guard, Zach Woods as Douglas, Jake Quinn as Precinct Detective #1, Andy Buckley as Don Beaman, Elizabeth Kaledin as NY1 Reporter, Will Lyman as Frontline Narration App, Rob Huebel as Officer Watts, Peter R. Thewes as Hazmat Officer, Robin Ng as Waiter, Natalie Zea as Christinith, Brett Gelman as Hal, Malachy McCourt as Old Man at Irish Bar, Barry Carl as Irish Singer, Benjamin Magnuson as Irish Singer, Thomas McDonnell as Irish Singer (as Thomas McDonnell III), James O`Donnell as Irish Singer (as Jimmy O`Donnell), Kevin Osborne as Irish Singer, Pierce Turner as Irish Singer, James Archie Worley as Irish Singer, Lindsay Sloane as Francine, Shakiem Evans as Dancer, Danielle Cell as Brenda, Brianne Moncrief as Ershon`s Assistant, Brooke Shields as Herself, Rosie Perez as Herself, Patrick Ferrell as Precinct Detective #2, Adam McKay as Dirty Mike, Oliver Wood as Captain Salty, James Mazzola as Homeless Dude, Patrick Crowley as Homeless Dude, Ben Schwartz as Beaman`s Assistant, Tara Copeland as Police Dispatcher, Eamon Speer as Ice Cream Man, Patrick Reale as Beaman Tow Cop, Zak Orth as Accountant, Pete Antico as Chechen Rebel, Viola Harris as Mama Ramos, Jamie Dugal as Schoolgirl, Chris Gethard as Clerk, Michael Fawcett as Minister, Pilar Angelique as Stunning Woman, Rory Clarke as Businessman, Travis Cloer as Jersey Boys-Frankie Valli, Julie E. Davis as Pedestrian, Sara DeRosa as Tattoo Girl, John Farrer as Preist, Johnathan Hallgrey as Art Gallery Patron, Anne Heche as Pamela Boardman, Rosemary Howard as Pedestrian, Ice-T as Narrator, Michael Jeremiah as Tattoo Artist, Benjamin Kanes as Art Gallery Patron, Arnold Y. Kim as Chef, Scott J. Klein as Businessman, Tony Kost as Construction Worker, Shelby Kovant as Spectator, Bill Kurtis as Frontline Narration App, Dustin LaValley as Pedistrian, Samantha Maldonado as Celebrity, Tracy Morgan as Himself, Angel Picard-Ami as Gators Girl, T.J. Quicksilver as Extra, John J. Schneider as Police Officer, Harry L. Seddon as Screaming Cabbie, Skip Shea as Bus Driver, Josef Sommer as D.A. Radford, Paul Thornton as Photographer, Emmanuel Todorov as Chechen Mafia Boss, Naeem Uzimann as Cab Driver, Steven Weisz as NYPD Sergeant, LeRoy Wilson Jr. as Jumper Scene Cop
Plot : Two remaining New York City detectives grab an opening to boost up equivalent to the city’s eclipse cops whom they idolize — major subjects don’t rather set off for planned.
Run Time : 107 min | 116 min
Country : USA
Company : Columbia Pictures