The Old School of Capitalism (2009)

Director : Zelimir Zilnik
Genre : Action, Drama
Cast : Pera Cehov as Pera, Rade Curcin as Russion Taikun, Slobodan Djoric as Worker, Maja Krek as Anarchist revolutionary, Tadej Kurepa as Anarchist revolutionary, Ernest Larsen as American stock broker, Vladimir Markovic as Anarchist revolutionary, Tamara Miladinovic as Tamara, Tomislav Milankov as Worker, Ljubisav Orbovic as Himself, Robert Paroci as Robi, Zoran Paroski as Worker, Zivojin Popgligorin as Boss, Daria Radic as Girl with violin, Dragan Siriski as Worker, Joca Sokarda, Svetozar Srdanov as Worker, Branimir Stojanovic as Svebor, Lazar Stojanovic, Leon Surbanovic as Bole, Ratibor Trivunac as Anarchist revolutionary
Run Time : 122 min
Filming Locations : Belgrade, Serbia
Country : Serbia
Language : Serbian | English
A satire on transition inside Serbia. After the financial ruin of a Vojvodinian factory, employees are whining critical the management. An anarcho-syndical range joins one another to accommodate inside it`s own way. Can the corrupt management in truth troth beaten?
The Old School of Capitalism is ingrained inside the foremost row of staff revolts to met Serbia given that the start of capitalism. Desperate staff bulldoze completed factory doorways furthermore are smashed to determine the web content looted by the bosses. Eccentrically escalating confrontations, not to mention a melee plus staff inside football shoulder-pads furthermore helmets furthermore superior furthermore his sanctuary liveliness inside bulletproof vests, certify fruitless. Committed little anarchists bestow solidarity, receive the bosses hostage. A Russian tycoon, a Wall Street trader furthermore US VP Biden`s trip at to Belgrade rapidly complicate incidents that conduct toward a concluding shock. Along the way, the movie produces an progressively intricate furthermore in addition dependably full of zip consider of present-day, inside fact, up-to-the-minute attempts not wakeful to the misery-inducing effects of both local furthermore global capital.

The Old School of Capitalism (2009)
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