The Man of the Year (2003)

Director : José Henrique Fonseca
Genre : Action, Comedy, Crime
Cast : Murilo Benício as Máiquel, Cláudia Abreu as Cledir, Natália Lage as Érica, Jorge Dória as Dr. Carvalho, André Gonçalves as Galego, Lázaro Ramos as Marcão, Perfeito Fortuna as Robinson, Paulo Moska as Enoque, Wagner Moura as Suel, André Barros as Marlênio, Carlo Mossy as Delegado Santana, Mariana Ximenes as Gabriela, Amir Haddad as Gonzaga, José Wilker as Sílvio, Agildo Ribeiro as Zilmar, Paulo César Peréio as Seu Humberto, Marcelo Biju as Neno, José Henrique Fonseca as Caju, Nill Marcondes as Ezequiel, Vick Militello as Tia Laura, Xando Graça as Councilman Pimenta, Marcelo Portinari as Conan, Romeu Evaristo as Pedrão, Mr. Catra as Verli, Guilherme Estevam as Pereba, Lúcio Andrey as Uncle Galinha, Orã Figueiredo as Átila, Maurício Gonçalves as Detective Max, Marilu Bueno as Cledir`s Mother, Guil Silveira as Pharmacist, Railane Borges as Girl, Alexandre Tavares as Lad, Perigoso as Caju`s friend, Vitor Igreja Maclaren as Samanta, Alex Sander as Lucio
Run Time : 113 min
Country : Brazil
Language : Portuguese
Maiquel has ignored a wager also dyed his hair blond. This modest occasion sets off a head-on collision plus providence inside which Maiquel move bask in no one to hero to outlaw–all inside 24 hours.
In Rio, Máiquel is without prospects. He`s philosophical with low-key. When he loses a dice with must dye his hair blond, subsistence changes: he finds brand new confidence, he asks Cledir, the hairdresser, on a date, with as he`s nag by a local tasking kid, he murders him. Instead of an arrest, Máiquel`s a local hero; the cops gander the different way. He with Cledir turn into lovers, his victim`s female friend Érica, who`s 15, vows that he protect her with moves into his petty flat, with employment bestows befall his manner delight in a rank of well to do citizenry who covet to still scores with put off local riff-raff. Where may well this problem go, with no matter what close to the triangle of Cledir, Érica with Máiquel? He delicately wishes to troth normal?

The Man of the Year (2003)
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