The Last Confederate: The Story of Robert Adams (2005)

Genre : Action, Drama, History, Romance, War
Cast : Julian Adams as Robert Adams, Gwendolyn Edwards as Eveline McCord Adams, Eric Holloway as Benjamin Young, Amy Redford as Sylvia McCord, Joshua Lindsey as Nelson McCord, Tippi Hedren as Mrs. Adams, Mickey Rooney as David McCord, Weston Adams as Grandfather Adams, Bob Dorian as Gov. James H. Adams, Edwin McCain as Belcher, Elizabeth Nelson Adams as Madame Bonneau, Foster Walker as John Boone (as Mick Walker), LaChanda Alexander as Elizabeth, Tessa Belongia as Little Evie, Anna Linn as Little Evie, Timmy Sherrill as Capt. Griffin, Clay Braxton as Henry Walker, Adam Braxton as John Walker, Sam Grogan as Capt. Taylor, Randall Carlton as Young`s shooter, Clarke McNair as Duncan Ray, Thomas H.P. Kennedy as Pvt. Pope, Joseph Congema as Union sniper, Shane Brewer as Cpl. Hooker, Vaughn Wilson as McCord slave, Frederick Robinson as Quash (as Freddy Robinson), Char Bel as Slave woman, Count of War as Robert`s horse, William Day as Union Guard #2 (as Willie Talbott), Cullen Moss as Prison guard #2, Henry McMillan as Posse Member #1, Devon Edge as Posse member #2, Tiffany LeShai McMinn as Prison nurse, Andrew Joseph Belt as Wounded Confederate, Christopher M. Elwell as Union soldier, Mary Kent Hearon as Girl on balcony, James Guignard as Judge James Guignard, David Walen as Trading post patron, Robert W. Filion as Trading post soldier #1, Mike O`Neil as Cpl. Boggs, Isabel Adams as Schoolgirl, Andy Bader as Soldier, Brad Belt as Drunk man (scenes deleted), Larkin Bogan as Confederate aide to general, Pal Boozer as Man at party, Haley Buchanan as Columbia town resident, Les Carroll as Soldier, Brett Claywell as Union soldier (scenes deleted), Greg Dillow as Confederate soldier, Brad Edwards as Soldier, Robert Fitzsimmons as Soldier, Andi Fritz as Lady #1 in garden (scenes deleted), Laura Anne Green as School girl, Fred Griffith as Ellison Capers (scenes deleted), Toby Grogan as Soldier, David Hane as Soldier, Terry Helms as Soldier, Ernest Humphrey as Soldier, Terry King as Soldier, Lee Majors as Dr. Jack Lee (scenes deleted), Ed Mantell as Confederate camp picket, Matthew D. Miller as Confederate soldier, Ashley Novasad as Dancer, Danny Nunn as Soldier, Jeff O`Cain as Townsman, Shaun O`Rourke as Union soldier (scenes deleted), Beth Pierce as Prison nurse #2, Jennifer Poindexter as Lady #2 in garden (scenes deleted), Floyd Powell as Soldier, Tommy Rollings as Soldier, Jan Rooney, Drew Royall as Soldier, Chris Shafer as Soldier, Christina Sibley as School Girl, Elizabeth Slagsvol as Lady at picnic, Steamer as Trading post patron #2, Christopher Stephens as Soldier, Elisha Wade as Soldier, Richard Wichman as Soldier, Mark Anthony Aman as German Speaking Union Soldier, G.K. Bowes as Additional voices, Justin Geer as Wounded Soldier, Craig S. Harper as Party guest, Philip Hersh as Additional Voices, Jerry Schuller as Wedding Guest / Townsfolk, Jonathan Soronen as Mangled Confederate, Holland Striplin as Party guest
Plot : The truthful care anecdote of the debate between Capt. Robert Adams’ enthusiasm to the south furthermore his care given that Eveline McCord, his valued indulge in the north. Produced, written furthermore devised by the descendants of Robert furthermore Eveline, this American Civil War anecdote is an explosive, richly definite saga of mean combat, honor furthermore the will to hazard the finalize thing that’s cherished given that care or country.
Run Time : 96 min
Country : USA
Company : Strongbow Pictures

The Last Confederate: The Story of Robert Adams (2005)
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