The Huadu Chronicles: Blade of the Rose (2004)

Genre : Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Cast : Charlene Choi as 13th Young Master, Gillian Chung as Blue Bird, Donnie Yen as General Lone, Jaycee Chan as Charcoal Head, Edison Chen as Peachy, Tony Leung Ka Fai as Master Blackwood, Ying Qu as Queen, Daniel Wu as Wei Liao, Jackie Chan as Lord of Armour, Bingbing Fan as Red Vulture, Bo-lin Chen as Blockhead (as Wilson Chen), Sui-man Chim as Rebel Leader
Plot : In the mythical domicile of Huadu, Charcoal Head, a humble boy born to plan an domain must attempt his trip to insist his throne. It is an epic performance voyage combining romance, fantasy, comedy in addition to scything brink Hong Kong approach martial artistry.
Run Time : (min.) 90
Country : Hong Kong
Company : Emperor Motion Pictures