The Deception (2012)

Director : Jay Durrwachter
Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Romance, Thriller
Cast : David Busse as Christopher Quinones, Jerry G. Angelo as Devon Holmes Larry Joseph Aguilar as Victor Martinez, Kodi Saint Angelo as Carnival Hottie, Steve Corona as Counselor, Daniel Cruz as Mike, Christopher Dempsey as Mr. Holmes, Amber LeRae Earls as Henrietta – Race Clerk, Forrest Fyre as Craddock, Andrea Good as Consuela, Cliff Gravel as Speaker, Garner Jarrett as Young Devon, Bridget Kelly as Reporter (as Bridget Ann Kelly), Austin Killeen as Sen. Hartley, Eric Martinez as Morvino, Mike Miller as Nick, Mike Ostroski as Preacher, Luce Rains as The Killer, Chris Ranney as Mr. Quinnones, David Robbins as Boxing Coach, Wayno Sanchez as Twinkie, Joshua Santana as Doorman, Kim Trujillo as Bank teller, Garrett Wade as Chip
Run Time : 114 min
Country : USA
Language : English
Composed of two intertwining stories, solitary a gay coming-of-age tale of an adolescent nicknamed “Chip” as at any rate as his initially love; the second…
Composed of two intertwining stories, single a gay coming-of-age narrative of a teen nicknamed "Chip" plus his primarily love; the second, that identical temperament twenty life later. Now made communication with Christopher plus inside the closet, he wishes a vitality inside politics, plus is close to stream because the Maryland Senate plus the give somebody a leg up of his fiancée`s variety – one amongst the certain politically in reality inside Washington. But whilst Chris` old friend resurfaces inside his life, a woman who reignites a sensation inside him, Chris` thoroughly fabricated planet threatens to fall to pieces just about him.
Two High School Seniors disintegrate fondness at New Mexico State Fair since summer romance. One guilt ridden breaks it off, twenty existence shortly is pouring since workplace as nonetheless as and his fiance encounters his first love boyfriend who has chosen a darker bordering of life. A motion picture noir way drama with statement to flouted dreams! Cast as nonetheless as crew are the entirety relishes New Mexico. The Director Jay Durrwatcher passed away abruptly inside January sec we were doing very last editing.

The Deception (2012)
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