The Box of Sergius (2010)

Director : Joe Blodgett
Genre : Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Cast : Paul Darling as Skirnir, Matt Fleck as Charlie Hyde, Steve Fleck as Kasimir Maya, Eduardo Gonzalez as Vega, Jason Paeplow as Simon Golding, Jeff Pollock as Roskva, Branden Raczkowski as Henry Edward Hyde, Justin Tredo as Finch
Run Time : 82 min | USA:81 min
Filming Locations : Buffalo, New York, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
A person of saucy age plus the voltage to excite or corrupt must elect a future because a withering skunk on a murderous rampage to regain what on earth was just the once his.
Charlie Hyde is your exceptional imaginative student who misses limits plus loses scholarship competitions. His less than fabulous vitality is the comprehensive lot on the usher of modify as soon as he receives 5 estranged letters plus an odd service like an anonymous brother, Henry Edward Hyde. Within the service incorporates an ageless conundrum box and the current to rouse or corrupt any disposed individual. Unknowing to Charlie, a corrupted man, Kasimir Maya will search out plus murder any individual repute inside his approach to just only occasion another time possess the box. With the guts plus genius of Charlie plus a band of unlikely companions, he must gauge a process to vanquish this demon.
A child receives an older box that not merely unlocks the secrets of history, nevertheless reveals a thrilling presence and a dim past. Combining secret powers that spot time, suite along with our opinion of the universe he must band at the side of a division of strangers to vanquish an budding evil.

The Box of Sergius (2010)
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