Sinatra Club (2010)

Director : James Quattrochi
Genre : Action, Biography, Crime, Drama
Cast : Danny Nucci as John Gotti, Jason Gedrick as Salvatore `Ubatz` Polisi, Mark Belasco as Foxy, Ellen Hollman as Jane Parker, Michael Nouri as Fatico, Leo Rossi as Paul Castellano, Joseph Lawrence as Louie Pipes, Andy Davoli as Tommy `Two Gun` DeSimone, Adam G. as Willy Boy Johnson, Chris Coppola as Roundy, Jeremy Luc as Rocky, Mario Bosco as Squeaky, Ken Garito as Manny the Mooch, Paul Parducci as Billy Mellons, Brooke Lewis as Rosella, Kirstin Pierce as Goldie, Salvatore Polisi as Himself, Summer Polisi as JoAnn `Foxy`s sister`, Sergio Polisi as Teenager, Dwayne L. Barnes as Fred, D.T. Carney as Mobster, Michael Carollo as Gotti`s Crew, Peter Cordova as Wise guy #1, Vincent De Paul as Gambino`s personal bodyguard, Alfonso Diluca as Al `The Brick`, Massi Furlan as Carmine `The Wrench `Mancuso, Anthony L. Gurino as Driver, Stan Harrington as Rex (S&M Guy), Christopher Hoffman as Truck Driver #1, Jason R. Hughes as Mobster, Tony Longo as Lenny, Anthony Marks as Wise Guy, Michael Maugeri as Wise guy, Edward McDonald as Father Flanigan, Nicholas Mele as Don Carlo Gambino, Andy Miller as Detective, Starielle Hope Newman as Pin-up, Crista Noel as Angela – `Sal`s Wife`, Michael Onofri as Wise Guy #1, Vincent Pagano as Capo, Joe Pistone as Dino, James Quattrochi as FBI Agent, T.J. Rotolo as Mook, Joe Sabatino as Bull, Chris Spinelli as Carmine, Melissa Stephani as Hooker #1, Glenn Taranto as Salerno, Linda Taylor as Hooker, Jenny Trinh as Jane
Plot : It’s 1972 in addition to the Mafia misdeed ilks are at war, however that isn’t satisfactory to bring to a standstill a young, alien John Gotti…
Run Time : (min.) 90
Country : USA
Company : Ubatz Productions

Sinatra Club (2010)
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