Secret Asian Man – Rise of the Zodiac! (2012)

Director : Chuck Rockford
Genre : Action, Comedy, Drama
Cast : Chuck Rockford as Agent S.A.M. Starr, Marcus Natividad as CRIM NAL Takeshi Watanabe, Dan Emo as Agent Edward Morrison, Marie Angeja as Agent Alexandra Love, Harwood Gordon as Colonel Rhodes, Ralph Chan as Zen Master Wu, Sachiko Ishida as Mistress Neko Chan, Michael Lehr as Dragon, Tony Saddul as Tiger, Lloyd Stephen Knight as Vince Viper aka Snake (as Lloyd Knight), Barry Swerdlick as Rat, Chris Yung as Rabbit (as Christopher Yu), Gabriel Tang as Agent Kayden Young, Douglas N. Hachiya as Agent Mifune, Hayden Szeto as Young Sam Starr, Carly Sunae as Agent Dahlia West, Amanda Rockford as Aiko Iwasaki
Run Time : 56 min
Filming Locations : Beverly Hills, California, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
When a Genius Computer Hacker CRIM NAL is busted out of jail to slice a U.S. Military Satellite provided and a laser guided weapons means to collection a World Domination financial financial statement into operation, it is wakeful to S.A.M. Starr to terminate Master Zodiac.

Secret Asian Man – Rise of the Zodiac! (2012)
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