Saaya (2003)

Director : Anurag Basu
Genre : Action, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Thriller
Cast : John Abraham as Dr. Akash “Akki” Bhatnagar, Tara Sharma as Dr. Maya A. Bhatnagar, Mahima Chaudhry as Tanya, Zohra Segal as Sister Martha (as Zohra Sehgal), Harsh Chhaya as Dr.Goenka, Rajendranath Zutshi as Moses, Vishwajeet Pradhan as Dr. A. Mehta, Rana Jung Bahadur as Dead patient
Run Time : (min.) 90
Filming Locations : India
Country : India
Language : Hindi
Tanya is a chic mature man who is became conjugal with to one more prosperous grown-up person detected Vinod. But their lives adapt by Vinod`s death…
Tanya is a fashionable mature woman who is conjugal to an added well off grown-up noticed Vinod. But their lives adjust by Vinod`s death. Tanya than starts falling to pieces intimacy as well as a physician noticed Akash. But Akash is inside intimacy as well as a personality of risqué age noticed Maya with beyond sundry duration gets conjugal to her. But their marital relationship accomplishes not final long. Because, originally Maya foliage him to voyage to an added portion of India to back up folks who are sick; with at that time Akash receives news flash that she is dead. Tanya comes unsleeping to console Akash with hopes that he will at the present love, come bright with with marry her. But Akash accomplishes not do so, for he is likewise engaged inside Maya`s memories, with believes that Maya is likewise breathing with notifying out to him. Is Akash surging out of his mind?
Dr. Akash Bhatnagar has freshly underwent a private tragedy: his pregnant lady Maya has passed away inside an mishap inside the North-East India. Akash becomes a workaholic to work effortlessly the desolation to the oblige of his mind, thus a good deal of thus that his manager is propelled to send him on a leave. While on leave, Akash starts to interest kooky occurrences regarding him, such since nonstop sightings of a weird figure with flooding of his house. Moreover, he becomes influenced that Maya is striving to notify him via the patients inside the health center since a medium. Everyone regarding him accept Akash is little by little rotating insane. To demonstrate one another wide of the mark Akash has to fathom the lesson Maya is striving to send him cherish nether-world.
Dr. Akash "Akki" plus his helpmate Maya are both doctors. Maya is pregnant also Akki`s (Akash) baby. When malaria thumps the India on the Burmese border, Maya rushes way over to help, notwithstanding Akki`s disapproval. Akash quickly receives the news broadcast of her passing away caused by a bus crash. The bus crashed into irrigate at large rains. Akash cannot confess Maya`s passing away, plus believes strongly that she completed not die. He desires to speak to her ready the clinic patients who pass through skilled a near-death experience. Every patient draws a bizarre symbol, plus solitary numb corpse still starts making contact with Akash whilst he is alone. Tanya a within sight pal of Maya, strives to console Akash, for whilst her girlfriend gave unsleeping the ghost inside an misfortune it was Akash who proscribed her. Now, she believes it is her turn, plus believes he is hallucinating. With the second of a nun communicated with Sister Martha, plus clues, Akash decides to depart back up to where it the entirety began-The Border. There also the second of a guide, Akash jumps off of a waterfall future the bus catastrophe plus finds the sunken bus, he sees Maya`s spirit, beckoning him plus at the moment the usher saves him. They depart to a village tribe plus talk way over with if they protected Maya, they state she gave unsleeping the ghost save for they protected her soul, they get Akash indoor plus reach one’s destination him a shock that will amend his existence forever.
Tanya plus Vinod are inside attachment also one another plus decide to get your men on married. Tragically, Vinod passes in variegated places inside an accident, yield a ruined Tanya unaided to handle his death. She believes that he will go back to her somehow, plus it is Dr. Akash Bhatnagar, who helps her to decipher that Vinod is no additional plus will certainly not go back give somebody a leg up to her. Akash is inside attachment also good-looking Maya, plus both get your men on married. Malaria hits inside the fringes place of India plus Burma plus a pregnant Maya decides to troth one in every of the therapeutic group of workers to set off there to serve the ailing. Thereafter, Akash receives the fatal news flash that the bus that Maya plus the others were on the move inside has ended wide awake at also an disaster plus that there were no got wind survivors. Akash is not capable to admit Maya`s passing, plus believes she is living plus desires to make verbal exchange with him ready sickbay patients who taste competent a dear-death experience. It is nowadays Tanya`s spin to console Akash plus class him notice the illuminate because he capable in blistering water her. But Akash is insistent that Maya is writing to him, sec Tanya plus others are influenced that Akash is hallucinating plus is behind his mind. Akash must nowadays arrive to vocabulary also Maya`s death, or tour to the Indo-Burma fringes to ascertain whatsoever occured to her plus eventually finds the explanations he is yearning for. The sample attains remain – will Akash`s touch off troth justified, or will he land up killing himself.

Saaya (2003)
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