Red (2010/I)

Director : Robert Schwentke
Genre : Action, Comedy, Crime
Cast : Bruce Willis as Frank Moses, Mary-Louise Parker as Sarah Ross, John Malkovich as Marvin Boggs, Helen Mirren as Victoria, Karl Urban as William Cooper, Morgan Freeman as Joe Matheson, Rebecca Pidgeon as Cynthia Wilkes, Chris Owens as Hanged Man, Jaqueline Fleming as Marna, Randy Wade Kelley as Paramedic, Jason Giuliano as Endercott, Alec Rayme as Cop at Intersection, Lawrence Turner as Retirement Home Assassin, Emily Kuroda as Mrs. Chan, Joe Chrest as Retirement Home Detective, Justine Wachsberger as Nurse, Tara Yelland as Wilkes` Secretary, Ernest Borgnine as Henry, The Records Keeper, Jefferson Brown as Fred, Audrey Wasilewski as Businesswoman, James Remar as Gabriel Singer, Dmitry Chepovetsky as Surveillance Tech, Matthew Olver as Surveillance Tech, Brian Cox as Ivan Simanov, Jason Weinberg as Lead CIA Tactical Officer, Tony De Santis as Security Chief, Greg Bryk as Firefighter, Heidi von Palleske as Woman Neighbor, Richard Dreyfuss as Alexander Dunning, Neil Whitely as FBI Commander, Robert Morse as Interrogator, Joshua Peace as Interrogation Surveillance Tech, Michelle Nolden as Michelle Cooper, Jake Goodman as Cooper`s Son, Tess Goodman as Cooper`s Daughter, Desiree Beausoleil as Security Woman, Laura DeCarteret as Fundraiser Greeter, Jonathan Walker as Agent Burbacher (as Jonathan Lloyd Walker), Julian McMahon as Robert Stanton, Murray McRae as Intro Speaker, Cindy Dukoff as Banquet Guest, Thomas Mitchell as Lone Agent, Bernadette Couture as Agent, Chavis Brown as Agent, Aaron Khon as Agent, George Kash as Band Member, Bob Reeves as Band Member, John Marmora as Band Member, Leo Sullivan as Band Member, Ron Johnston as Band Member, Mark Ferguson as Band Member, Johnny McLeod as Band Member, Anthony Marmora as Band Member, Steve McDade as Band Member, Lenny Solomon as Band Member, Bob DeAngelis as Band Member, Valerie Winn as Band Member, Annette Denise Bass as Train Station Business Traveler, BRANDON bracey as Pedestrian, Felder Charbonnet as Paramedic, Joseph Cintron as CIA Agent, David Fultz as Pedestrian, Gene Kevin Hames Jr. as Soldier, Paul Kendall as Secret Service, John C. Klein as Onlooker, Jameson Kraemer as CIA Doctor, Laurie Lee as Train Station Traveler, Christopher Maddison as Russian Guard, Tadhg McMahon as CIA Tactical Officer, Ritchie Montgomery as Pharmacist, Dan Shea as Secret Service Agent, Adam Sibley as Russian soldier, Terry Lee Smith as Pedestrian, Nancy E.L. Ward as Sarah`s Supervisor
Plot : When his idyllic survival is threatened by a high-tech assassin, prior black-ops source Frank Moses reassembles his of age players inside a final forget about struggle to survive.
Run Time : 111 min
Country : USA
Company : Summit Entertainment