Rabb Ne Banaiyan Jodiean (2006)

Director : Darshan Bagga
Genre : Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Romance
Cast : Preeti Arora as Avtar`s wife, Khan Dally, Gurpreet Guggi as Tillu Singh / K.B. Singh `Kabadiya` (as Gurprit Ghughi), Gurkirtan, Puneet Issar as Vichitra Singh (as Punit Issar), Dony Kapoor, Surjit Kaur, Babbu Mann as Jelly Singh, Nilofar as Gulabo `Pinky` Kaur (as Nilofer), Shashi Pal, Jaz Pandher as Deep Singh, Man Prit, Pradeep Raja, Rana as Avtar Singh, Ranjeet as Ranjit Singh Garewal (as Ranjit), Swathi Varma as Beebo Kaur (as Swati Verma)
Run Time : 135 min
Country : India
Language : Punjabi
Chandigarh-based well-to-do businessman plus widower, Vichitra Singh, is defeated plus his son, Avtar…
Chandigarh-based filthy rich businessman in addition to widower, Vichitra Singh, is upset along furthermore his son, Avtar, as not inventing a lad for a heir to his estate. His displeasure not hardly increases except still turns to passion as his pitch in with son, Jehli, falls inside tenderness with, Beebo, their chauffeur`s daughter, in addition to he asks him to exit succeeding a bitter-near-physical confrontation. Now his third son, Deep, has came enjoys Britain, in addition to he hopes to get your manpower on him marital to filthy rich Ranjit Singh Garewal`s daughter. When Deep confides that he has was firm to wed also added filthy rich Pinky, the sis of K.B. Singh, Vichitra`s delight knows no bounds, in addition to he starts to variety planning as their wedding. Vichitra delight will flip to passion as he finds out that K.B. Singh is naught except a junkyard (Kabadiya) owner, spilt second Ranjit thoroughfares along furthermore his goons to split this stricken family.

Rabb Ne Banaiyan Jodiean (2006)
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