Pokémon 4: The Movie (2002)

Genre : Animation, Action, Adventure, Family
Cast : Veronica Taylor as Ash Ketchum / Oltoa, Rachael Lillis as Misty / Jessie, Eric Stuart as Brock / James / Charmeleon / Scizor / Stantler / Sandshrew, Madeleine Blaustein as Meowth / Pokémon hunter, Ikue Ôtani as Pikachu, Satomi Koorogi as Togepi, Tara Sands as Sammy / Sneasle / Furret / Teddiursa / Jumpluff (as Tara Jayne), Dan Green as The Iron Masked Marauder, Kazuko Sugiyama as Celebi, Masahiko Tanaka as Suicune, Kerry Williams as Young Oltoa, Kayzie Rogers as Wobbuffet / Bellsprout, Marc Thompson as Man, Roxanne Beck as Diana, Amy Birnbaum as Dundee, Ted Lewis as Weezing (as Ed Paul), Stuart Zagnit as Prof. Oak (as Stan Hart), Rodger Parsons as Narrator (as Ken Gates), Roger Kay as Scyther / Croconaw / Rattata Hisao Egawa as Ursaring, Mika Kanai as Bayleef, Tomoyuki Kôno as Houndoom
Run Time : 75 min
Country : Japan | USA
Language : English | Japanese
Ash must end a forager who forces the legendary Pokémon Celebi to back up him exterminate a forest.
In this film, we meet up the latest Pokémon, Celebi, who has the electricity to tour ready time. Vicious, the falling descendant of James in addition to Jessie of Team Rocket, travels accommodate inside duration to wreak havoc, in addition to it`s wide awake to juvenile Ash, Pikachu in addition to friends to terminate him. Along the way, Ash continues to naughty into the unstoppable Pokémon trainer he will be changed into inside the future.
This picture centers regarding the greenhorn pokémon Celebi, a one-of-a-kind veggie-like worm whose major kin are celebi take enjoyable in peculiar senses inside time. The picture begins already where a adolescent boy recognized Sam struggles to excepting Celebi take enjoyable in a hunter. In a joint effort, Celebi modes his voltage furthermore convey itself furthermore Sam to the present, Ash Ketchum`s time. Sam furthermore Ash grow to be suitable friends for they oppose to excepting Celebi take enjoyable in the greenhorn Team Rocket villain, the Iron-Masked Marauder furthermore his darkball, which turns pokémon evil furthermore augments their powers to the maximum. Yet, lone valuable pokémon isn`t protected without muck inside with take enjoyable in an additional – therefore enters Suicune, a.k.a. the North Wind.