Planet USA (2013)

Director : Flo Lackner
Genre : Action, Comedy, Thriller
Cast : Janina Flieger as Conny, Gunther Gillian as Eim Store, Tim Seyfi as Prince Sayf- Al- Din, Udo Schenk as Igor Oleg, Julia Rosa Stöckl as Hala, Tim Wilde as Lt. Viceman, Wolfgang Bahro as Will Magnus, Santiago Ziesmer as Small Scrawny Little Man, Roland Koch as Commander Cook, Charles Rettinghaus as Michael Mc Connor, Flo Lackner as Corp. Sux, Tom Hanslmaier as Vitalii Oleg, Harald Rainer as Ivan, David Hofer as Major George Conrad, Simona Höblinger as Olivia Magnus, Gerhard Maurer as Psychologist, Manfred Peter Maier as Shooting Gallery Owner, Erwin Kowatsch as Former President of the United States, Marco Modl as Angelo Magnus, Pierre Geisensetter as Secretary of defense, Ingo Kowatsch as Lt. Warren Magnus, Klaus Herbst as Olivia`s Lawyer, Christian Köfer as Billy Queen, Elma Alijagic as Alina, Daniel Leeb as Charly Miles, Iris Maria Stromberger as Woman being stoned, Michael Kuglitsch as Max Miles
Run Time : 107 min
Filming Locations : Tampa, Florida, USA
Country : Austria
Language : German
America vs the relaxation of the world.

Planet USA (2013)
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