Panic (2002)

Director : Bob Misiorowski
Genre : Action, Drama, Thriller
Cast : Rodney Rowland as Neil (as Rod Rowland), Kristanna Loken as Josie, Alexander Enberg as Cain, Ted Shackelford as Captain O`Kelly, Barbara Carrera as Bernadette, Scott Michael Campbell as Rudy, Tucker Smallwood as Keller, Billy `Sly` Williams as Ray (as Billy Sly Williams), David Bowe as Co-Pilot, John Bishop as Walter, Boti Bliss as Zoe (as Boti Ann Bliss), Tereza Rizzardi as Maxine, Gulshan Grover as Philip, Duke Stroud as General Roberts, Sanyogetta as Linda, Armaan Kandhari as Tobias, Bob Misiorowski as Pilot of Denver Jet, Stephen David Brooks as Co-Pilot of Denver Jet (as Stephen Brooks), Scott Putman as Tired Executive, Rollie Jansen as Airport Cop, Rashmi Sharma as Late Night Janitor, Brian O`Sullivan as News Anchor, Shaun White as Paramedic, Lalith Sharma as FBI Official, Grant Hulley as Crash Detective, Tiger Ali Razavi as SWAT Driver, Samsher Pawer as Motorcycle Cop, Lucky Louie as Dog Crossing Street
Run Time : 91 min
Filming Locations : India
Country : USA
Language : English
FAA pathway analyzer identified Neil McCabe is the just personality who appears to experience this separate drop towards…
FAA mode analyzer realized Neil McCabe is the hardly individual who gives the look to labor under this variant recession towards a grouping of international terrorists beyond a dreadful plane affair occured. He thinks that an evil genius pc hacker classifications out in addition to influence the pc electronical mode which correlated to quite a lot of airplanes to bring on demolition in addition to tragedy. In make a request to impede the mishap, McCabe in addition to his teammate, Rudy, finds out near to the tool cast off by the criminals which leads each other to a psychotic gripping struggle between the terrorist.
When assorted promotion commercial airlines disaster lower than baffling circumstances, the FAA has to estimate if there is any feature or if this is basically a hefty coincidence. Neil, an FAA fashions analyst, discovers that the entirety aircrafts were outfitted in addition to the identical software. While his supervisor thinks that he is roadway off base, Neil thinks he knows which plane is the subsequently target. He just about arrives at the airport, earlier than the plane vegetation with instructs that the plane linger in anticipation of he achieves an idiosyncrasy check. But hastily the plane starts to commence on its own. Neil just about manages to acquire onboard. He is at the moment got lodge of by the grown person at the rear of the entirety this, a pc male who feels that he was carried profit of by the aviation industry with requests assorted payback. He purposes to disaster this plane too. Neil struggles to do whatsoever he may possibly to aid nevertheless unhappily the male is gazing him.