Our Own (2004)

Director : Dmitry Meskhiev
Genre : Action, Drama, War
Cast : Konstantin Khabenskiy as Political Instructor, Sergey Garmash as Security Officer, Ben Perino as Tank Commander, Mikhail Evlanov as Sniper, Bogdan Stupka as Old Man, Natalya Surkova as Anna, Anna Mikhalkova as Katerina, Fedor Bondarchuk as Polizmeister, Sergei Dyachkov as Clerk at the Headquarters, Aleksandr Polovtsev as Major at the Headquarters, Anna Belova as Sister #1, Oksana Glushkova as Sister #2, Yuriy Zaytsev as Mishka the Polizei, Sergey Kozik as Polizei, Johannes Brand, Torben Kraemer, Daniel Pries, Marc Zeiss, Pavel Badyrov, Yuriy Oskin, Yelena Savelyeva, Aleksandr Stroylo
Run Time : 111 min
Country : Russia
Language : German | Russian
It is August 1941. With the war queue isolated elsewhere inside the east, three defense force who pass through supervised to escape…
It is August 1941. With the drive column far away elsewhere inside the east, three militia who go through looked after to run off savours captivity view it challenging to hide: the province is betrothed by the enemy. The local woods are not safe: you would competently acquire embogged. Are the villagers loyal? Nobody would say. There is an old-time mature woman who gives to do anyone a favour them. Is he adult enough? He can destroy one another or answers one another to the local German authorities. Anything can happen, on the different hand one amongst them, the sniper, is his youngster who is his youngest, his dearest.

Our Own (2004)
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