Natural City (2003)

Director : Byung-chun Min
Genre : Sci-Fi, Action, Drama, Thriller
Cast : Ji-tae Yu as R, Jae-un Lee as Cyon, Rin Seo as Ria Eun-pyo Jeong as Croy, Doo-hong Jung as Cyper, Eul-dong Kim, Hyo-seon Kim, Ju-hye Ko as Ami, Chang Yun as Noma
Run Time : South Korea:114 min | Italy:104 min
Country : South Korea
Language : Korean
In the every year 2080, the planet is up-to-date by a colossal notebook computer network. Combiners submit to continued a process…
In the once a year 2080, the planet is in-tuned by a huge notebook computer network. Combiners experience stepped forward a mode that allows one another to merge the souls of male along with machine/cyborg, wreaking destruction inside a deeply divided society. This film shares features plus variant films similar to Blade Runner along with Ghost inside the shell. A visually impressive piece, plus a tough emphasis on relationships. Genre – Sci-Fi, Dystopian.

Natural City (2003)
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